The importance of technology in many sectors such as the automobile sector is evitable. Technology has now become the part of the curriculum syllabus, as a delivery system which gives the instruction and a mean to upgrade and make it more effective to learn the right thing in a right provided a way which is more effective. Because of technology, education has become more regressive and submissive as it used to be lifeless. As if we talk about nursing assignment it has become more lively and fun to do. In the prior time, period workers were told to work accordingly as per the guidelines otherwise it will create a debacle but now the time has been totally changed. Now the students are more curious to search more and get more they want to break the monotony and do it the way it should be done not in the prescribed only. Because of technology, it has become easier for students to learn and retain it in their minds for a longer period of time. Not only they can retain it but they can also pass it on to the other potentials to learn.

Because of technology the process of teaching and learning has been enhanced. Technological expansions like heavy pixel digitally acclaimed cameras, training software, projectors, computers, Powerpoint presentations, 3D tools for visualization are the great and important sources for teachers to teach and help full for students so they can learn it easily and retain it. The teacher should understand that visual demonstration of the lectures helps the students more to learn and grasps things easily as compared to the conventional way of teaching. By the use of technology, students give more attention to the teacher and they do interactive learning and by that teacher tends to learn more and more about the student mindset. Because of technology when the institutions are in different states, students can easily talk to their counterparts by the medium of video link and can collaborate to learn more. This is a great source of collaborative learning. There are sites online from where students can learn different foreign languages online by the native speakers and in return, they will teach them their native language. Because technology universities have started so many different online degree programs and for that, you are not even supposed to be physically there you can learn online. Collaborative and distance learning has now become an integral part of our education system and there is no other system that can replace this, it can only get better and better every day. The outcome that we get by using the tools engines it shows that learning and interactivity of students increases if the teacher uses the medium of technology what so ever is available, it enhances the learning process and helps the student to learn it, grasp it, and retain it easily.