The Central Government and State Government called a full national lockdown to monitor the rapid growth in coronavirus cases. Yes, this complete lockout changed so many of our life ‘s essential places. This has changed our lives and we can not leave our homes. We have embraced other things, like wearing masks and constantly sanitized our faces, to make peace with this new lifestyle. In fact, for the protection of ourselves and others, we have adopted these new principles of self-isolation and social distancing.

We have to learn new tactics to live comfortably remotely in this situation. The Human Resource Development Ministry directed the entire education sector to shut down following a domestic lock-down. They requested universities , colleges and school authorities to follow the virtual way of teaching so that classes and children can continue.

Dynasty International School is one of the best play schools in Faridabad. With its staff, parents and students, it has gone one step ahead of online education. The objective is to not only teach and learn effectively but also to foster the individual’s inner growth.

.We seek to support our teachers to improve virtual teaching through through multimedia workshops and webinars. Our faculty has until now engaged in two multimedia initiatives for the successful teaching of self-isolation. Let’s have a detailed overview of each of them:

The first project was a webinar organized for teachers of the top 10 Schools in Faridabad, the Dynasty International school on the Zoom App, by Indiannica Learning on 20 June 2020. This web-seminar has been arranged by Mr. Saurabh Beniwal (Renown Motive Speaker) on “Stress Management.” This webinar provided insights into how to effectively and productively teach the students.

In the workshop, she explained various functions such as eBook (including audio), interesting facts, project studies, worksheet including other issues in the novel, and auto-correct options for such worksheets. There is also a test generator which can help teachers build assessments according to their own choices.

Each one of them had clarified how to effectively teach students by means of an online medium. Our teachers have a range of ways to learn strategic to make a child the best. We plan to do more webinars and seminars so that students can get the most from our faculty.