Newcomers will be drawn into the abundance of new and free content, and the “olds” will shed a tear of nostalgia for the very atmosphere of 2012-2013.

For those not in the know, Diretide, or Dark Rise, is an in-game Halloween event that first appeared in 2012 and is really popular with players. The last time it was possible to play the event was in 2013, after which there was a long lull that lasted until the fall of 2020.

Why was everyone looking forward to Diretide?

As in the past, rewards are what the event is loved for. Previously, for the fastest Roshan murder in an event, you could get a special courier – Unusual Golden Baby Roshan, the price of which at that time was about 10 thousand dollars.

Although this year the cost of the items is not so high, they are made soundly. You will be able to get one of the thematic rewards from Roshan: a treasure, a set for one of 21 heroes, a ghost courier, a commentator, a ward skin, new shaders, new chat wheel phrases, kill streak effects, high five, and much more.

Among other things, keys have returned to the game, which must be purchased for money. You need keys to open a new treasure – Hallowed Chest of the Diretide. The treasure itself is free and you can knock it out after the game. And it contains, attention, 60 new items and sets, which are divided into five categories:

1 rank contains the usual sets for heroes;

In the 2nd category, sets with various effects await us;

Tier 3 are Immortal items;

4th rank – we will get four Immortal sets;

The 5th grade represents the annual emblem.

The second feature may have already lost its uniqueness because the first Diretide was also one of the first events in Dota 2, which is why users loved it so much, and is still perceived as the best.

Players suddenly had to move away from their usual game and face each other in a battle for candy, and later with Roshan himself – there was no limit to the emotions of the doters.

How do I play Diretide (Dark Rise) and receive rewards?

To get rewards you need to earn special points. You can get them both in regular games and in seasonal mode. Every 100 points will bring you one of over 75 unique rewards.

Diretide Map 2020

The map in this mode looks different, not like in regular Dota 2. There are only two lines for the players on which they fight for tiddles.

Diretide 2020 rules in Dota 2

First, there will be a total of three rounds of 6 minutes each.

The main goal is to collect candies from finished off creeps and take them to your basket. Candy drops when the hero dies and each collected candy reduces the maximum health.

Secondly, you will be chased by Roshan.

Roshan moves with you on the map, who cannot be damaged – he is completely invulnerable. Everything is simple: either you give him the candy, or he kills you. If you give him candy, then Roshan will start attacking opponents. When you die at the hands of Roshan, a curse is imposed on your team, which will take away the health of the entire team.

Third, watch the map carefully.

After 1, 3 and 5 minutes, scarecrows will appear on the edges of the map: breaking them, you will receive a neutral item and some candies.

Each new round will change the creeps and their abilities, as well as the candies that fall out of them.

How to win at Diretide 2020

Do not save up candies for the next stages, as they will disappear at the end of the round;

Do not feed Roshan in the last 20-30 seconds, because every candy in the basket is important in the clutch;

Kills are generally not important in the mode;

Give preference to mobile heroes;

If you demolish buildings before the candy basket, the basket becomes vulnerable to attacks that knock the candy out of it.

We hope this article helped you understand Diretide 2020, as well as learn something new. Dark Rise will run until December 22, 2020. By the way you can check our website for more esports analytics