There are numerous drawbacks of living in a high-rise building that you should consider before buying a 2 bed apartment for sale or renting a studio apartment for rent. You must look for their resolve in a creative way to enjoy your life in an apartment on a high-rise building. Following is the list of issues that you might face:

Emergency Evacuations: In a high-rise residential building, the biggest concern of residents is always about evacuation in emergencies like fire, earthquake, or other natural disasters. Even in a building with a highly efficient emergency evacuation system, you will have to face challenges. For instance, in emergency evacuations, most of the building residents try to evacuate at the same time with a panicked mind. It increases the risk for the people living on the top floors (penthouses).

Movement of heavy accessories: Heavy accessories are those that can’t be moved from elevators, such as, piano, a full-size (6, or 8-seater) couch, etc. These things can only move from the stairs, and you can imagine how many stairs will be there if you rented an apartment on the 10th or 20th floor.

Too many stairs: People living on the top floors in high-rise buildings often face the issue of climbing hundreds of stairs. The only alternative is an elevator, which frequently gets out of service for multiple reasons, such as electricity shortfall, maintenance, etc.

No-Greenery or lawn: It is often a realized factor that is underestimated by the buyer of 3, or 2 bedroom apartments for sale or rental of studio apartments for rent in a high-rise building. The gardening space in many apartments is very little or, some have none. If you have a balcony, then you might get a little more space for kitchen gardening. But if you don’t, then renting or buying an apartment in a high rise building is not an option for you.

Noise problem: Most of the tenants living in the high-rise buildings often complain about noise from next door, up, or down apartments. The most frequent noises that might disturb you will be loud music, crying kids, a barking dog, or maybe shouts from a fight.

Consider all these disadvantages before purchasing a 3, 2-bed apartment for sale or renting a studio apartment for rent because these issues can be persistent and long-lasting.