The ancient name of Cyssus called Çeşme, which is believed to have received its present name from the “fountain leri, where sailors supply water. Because the most important features of Çeşme are drinking water and harbor. It is known that Erythrai, which has a very protected harbor, has relations with Egypt, Cyprus and western countries and developed its trade. One of the main tourism centers of our country, Çeşme has an international reputation and the people live in the ruins of Erythrai (Ildırı), one of the 12 Ion units in ancient times.

Fountain, Lydia, Persia, Pergamon (Bergama) Kingdom, Roman and Byzantine domination lived. One of the most important factors in the prominence of Çeşme Harbor is that it is the closest and reliable point from Chios to the Anatolian coasts. For this reason, the harbor has been able to continue its commercial transactions alive for centuries.

The influence of the Genoese, who wrote a name for the commercial life of Western Anatolia in the last half of the 3rd century and early 14th century, was observed. In the same period, although the region was under the management of Çaka Bey, sovereignty lasted a short time. > Read More…