We are well aware that the IELTS exam is quite tough among the English tests and the score bands required are on the higher side as well. The test is used by governments as well as various academic institutions to check your proficiency in English. The test is usually underestimated by many, due to which they fail the test. There are a few signs you must watch out for to understand if you really need a preparation course before you sit for the IELTS exam:

1. Listening Module: This module has 40 questions which are spread across recordings. In this module, you need speed, accuracy as well as focus to answer the questions. In case you feel, you lack in these areas, you need to attend a preparation course. These courses are conducted by Englishstan, which is one of the top IELTS institutes in Jalandhar.

2. Reading Module: It consists of questions too which are spread through three sections. Here the important skills are reading for details and gist, understanding of logical arguments, etc. You will have to give short answers, complete sentences, complete diagram labels, etc. In case you are not very familiar with these areas, you need to enroll in a preparation course.

3. Writing Module: It consists of 2 activities: describe and explain specific data, describe some stages of a process and also describe the functioning of an object/event, etc. You also have to write an essay of 250 words. This needs a formal style of writing. If you struggle in this formal style of writing, and terminology of English, you will definitely need a preparation course.

4. Speaking: The last module focuses on your speaking skills. The test is for This test is less than 15 minutes and is divided into 3 sections – introduction, general discussion, and random topic. The aim is to test your fluency and pronunciation and ability to speak on a random subject.

Englishstan, being a top IELTS institute in Jalandhar can help you prepare for the IELTS examination. They have the best-experienced staff and the best learning environment. The faculty teach you how to follow conversations, how to skim read the text, how to write well and how to speak well. A lot of tests are conducted and speaking sessions where you would be talking on random topics and this helps students in becoming confident of answering the exam. So, in order to ace the IELTS exam, go enroll yourself into the top IELTS Institute in Jalandhar.