Benefits of Quran recitation online

Technology has evolved immensely over the last few years. Did you know that you can now learn Quran online? The innovation of the internet has paved the way for online Quran schooling. There is no need to go through the trouble to learn the Quran as you can learn the Quran from the comfort of your home.

Online Quran schools have gained massive popularity among students from around the world for their world accessibility and around the clock availability. These schools have proficient tutors who have years of experience in teaching students. These schools offer various courses like online Quran memorization classes, online Tajweed courses, and Quran recitation online. All you need is a laptop or smartphone, internet, and a pair of headphones to attend online Quran classes. There various benefits of reading Quran online. Have a look below to find out Online Quran recitation can help you gain benefits.

One on one classes

Possibly the greatest benefit of reading Quran online is self-paced learning. If you are going to Madrassas to learn Quran then you would be accompanied by many students and you would not have the attention of the teacher. As you know every student is unique and everyone has different abilities, some students can not keep up with the class. They fall behind which affects their mindset greatly. But this would not be the case in Quran recitation online. You would get the complete attention of the online Quran tutor as you would be the only one in the class. You would be able to ask questions freely without feeling hesitant. This would really help students to enhance their skills and make progress.

An online Quran tutor would take you to step by step and help you in comprehending the meaning behind the words of the Holy Quran rather than just reading them. Online Quran classes work on the weaknesses of the students and try their best to polish them. All they require in return is the will and determination of the students.

Capable online Quran tutors

Online Quran schools are known for the quality of tutors they provide. Online Quran tutors are well-known for their professionalism among students. They use various techniques and methods to make learning the Quran easier and less troubling for students. Online Quran tutors use videos to make their lectures more engaging. This helps to keep the students attentive in the class especially kids. Another great factor of online Quran school is that they offer you an option to change your teachers if you are not satisfied with your present one. Although this rarely happens but is a possibility and online Quran schools are quite flexible in this aspect as well. Online Quran tutors are available 24/7 for the assistance of the students.

Now, if you are learning the Quran in a Madrassa or a Mosque there would be a specific time for a class where you can ask questions and that class would be full of students. This negatively affects the teacher-student relationship. However, this would not be the case in Quran recitation online. Your tutors would be accessible around the clock and you can even set the timings of the class according to your preference and convenience.

No geographical limit

Online Quran schools have become quite popular in countries like Australia, the UK, the USA, and Germany. As these are non-Muslim countries, Mosques and Madrassas are not on every corner of the street like they are in Muslim countries like Pakistan and Turkey. So, Muslims living in those countries find it troubling to gain Quranic education. Now, you may be wondering why do not they simply hire a Quran home tutor? Well, it is quite challenging to hire Quran tutors in these countries, and even if you do they charge a high fee to teach the Quran. So, online Quran schools really come in handy for these students. These schools are accessible from any part of the world. There is simply no accessibility barrier. Students can take up any course of their conveniences such as Quran recitation online, online Quran memorization classes, and online Tajweed courses.

Flexible timings

No one is free nowadays. Everyone has responsibilities and hectic schedules to keep up with. If you are a grownup then you would have a job and family obligations. Whereas if you are a kid then you would have school and homework. So, it is difficult to find time to learn Quran in these hectic timetables. You would not have time to attend ground classes in institutions like Madrassas. This where online Quran schools come into play. You can attend these schools from anywhere. It does not matter where you are. You can be at home or at the office, all you would need is a laptop or even mobile phone and access to the internet to attend Quran recitation online classes. These schools have flexible timings as well. This means that you can arrange the time of the class according to your convenience. If you are not comfortable with the timetable you can change the time of your classes. These are the factors that give these schools an edge over Madrassas.


Online Quran schools are not only flexible but they are also quite affordable. This is one of the many reasons for their success in such a short time. These schools offer various packages and discounts that really assist students. They even offer discounts on various conditions such as multiple admissions from one family. These schools structure their pricing in a way that everyone can afford these schools without much difficulty. It would not be wrong to say that these schools are truly student-friendly institutions. They put the need of the students before money, unlike other businesses. Spending your day at school or office really takes the energy out of the person. So, walking or even driving somewhere else after that is the last thing that you want. Joining online Quran schools also eliminates the worries of traveling. You would not need to travel anywhere to attend Quran recitation classes. You can simply attend these classes from the comfort of your home.