Domination is a specialised service offered by those in the lifestyle but for many gentlemen a little light domination is often requested as part of their time with our beautiful London escorts. Not all our escorts are confident enough to offer this however those that are , are always very much in demand.

When a client books a date with one of our escorts and specifically states that they are interested in a fetish or light domination, we need to gain full information about the client’s needs and desires so that we can ensure he spends time with the London escort most suited to him. Foot fetishes, role play and tie and tease are some of the most popular requests however sometimes we are asked about things that may seems a little more risqué. In all cases our professionalism shines through and we always manage to match up a client and one of our London escorts so that they both have a wonderful time together.

Leather and PVC feature heavily in domination and fetish requests. Our London Fetish escorts have a wide range of different outfits which are sure to set pulses racing and they love dressing up, and down! For their companions so do ask if you would like your escort companion to bring along a selection of outfits. The same applies to toys. Fetish appointments can sometimes involve specialist help in the form of various toys. You could bring your own along or ask if your escort companion could bring some with her for you to choose.

Light domination is usually used as a form of foreplay in a session. It is light hearted and designed to create some interest before the main event. It is more teasing and playful and very different to the services provided by the lifestyle dominatrix’s. If you are looking for something more severe, then we would advise you to contact someone who specialises in this area.

Fetishes can be about anything. The definition of a fetish is the sexual arousal caused by a physical object so if you get turned on by seeing a sexy girl in stiletto heels then you have a shoe fetish or if you get hot under the collar seeing red lacquered nails and lipstick then that’s your fetish. Both of these types of fetish have appeared as two of the top 10 most requested. Others include long ponytail hair, latex leather and silk, voyeurism, feet and finger licking. There are millions of different things that turn people on. These are not fetishes however if that ‘thing’ needs to be present IN ORDER to turn you on then it becomes a fetish. Nothing wrong with fetishes, acting on them can be a great deal of fun.

Our London escorts are ideal companions for you to explore your fetishes. Our ladies at Kensington Babes are extremely open minded and non judgemental so whatever turns you on, as long as it is legal then our girls will have no problems in helping you to fulfil your fantasies.