Dorothy and Martha Moving and Art Handling – top-notch art handlers NYC

Who is Dorothy and Martha Moving and Art Handling and what do we offer? We are a moving and storage Brooklyn company and we are here to be of service! With years of experience and plenty of knowledge about the moving industry, we are here to ensure your relocation will be a successful one! While we do offer moving assistance which includes local and long distance moves, there is one area we specialize in – art handling. We are premier art handlers NYC, and we consider it our duty to relocate your precious collections without causing any damage. Not only do we know the best way to relocate your pieces, but we also know how to best secure them for such a process. It might feel that a moving and storage Brooklyn company with so much to offer has to inevitably come with steep prices. That’s where you would be wrong. At flat rate prices, our team is where affordability and high-quality meet. With an innovative approach to moving, our company will prove to be the best choice. After all, to be the best art handlers NYC, you must have a ‘think outside of the box’ mindset. To ensure our undivided attention on the day of your move, get in touch with us. Being a part of our family will be something you are not likely to ever regret!    

Phone: 844-666-8282


Address: 95 South 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

Email: [email protected]