When most property developers started working, the traditional approach was to walk through every client manually and help them get what they needed. However, in recent years, self-service has changed things a lot in all sectors and real estate is not untouched. One of the most experienced property developers from the Gold Coast Mc , Queensland, Australia. Eamon Lowe Gold Coast explains how the online marketplace and 3D walkthroughs have changed the real estate world.

With most consumers now looking for properties online before buying anything, it is important for property developers to leverage the top portals. Not only these portals act as a bridge between the customers and developers, but they also allow developers to expand their network.

Moreover, even clients don’t have to pay extra to third party agents, saving them a lot on the purchasing amount.

The next thing Eamon Lowe Gold Coast witnessed that had a major impact on the industry is 3D walkthroughs. Developers are quickly adopting this technology to help customers with high-quality walkthroughs without leaving their homes. Any hand-held devices or computers are enough to visit a place virtually. The property developers are also increasingly using compute graphic rendering or drone footage to present the best possible picture of a property.