Finding the right hotel for your stay is essential to get the most out of your trip. Whether you go on a business trip or sightseeing trip, a comfortable, safe and enjoyable stay is what you must look for. This does not happen by just finding the Best Hotel Deals Peru. You must also know some tips to make the best use of the facility you stay in. Here is a list of eight things you should do when you first land in your hotel room.

What is the point?

Every traveller arrives at the hotel room tired and so wishes to relax and rest for a while. However, before stretching yourself on the comfy bed, you must do these simple things to ensure your health and safety.

Check for bedbugs

Bedbugs are a menace in most hotels. Ensure you have thoroughly scrutinized the mattress, headboard, and bed frame. Look for small brown stains. Bed bugs are not easy to spot. They run fast and hide during daytime. Nevertheless, the blood marks left by them on the mattress will tell you they are present somewhere.

Sanitize the room

Though your room might appear clean outwardly, it does not mean it is sanitary. Tough the hotel cleaning staff might scrub the bathroom, there are several untouched common safe areas for germs including light switches, remote controls and door knobs. Take an antibacterial wipe and give a quick wipe for these items

Look into the hiding spots

Look in the invisible areas like under the bed, shower and the closet. Ensure that you or your team is alone there. Sometimes an intruder could be waiting in those places to see you alone or there could be something more gruesome.

Ensure the working of the temperature controls

Though the temperature of the room might look fine when you enter, it might become unbearably cold or hot when you try to sleep. You can’t wait to check this till the evening since the maintenance staff might have gone off. This will make it difficult to fix the problem.

Remove the comforter

While it is easy to wash the sheets and pillow covers, the bedspreads are not so and hence some hotels do not wash them frequently even in between guests. It is also possible that a hotel bedspread is not changed over months. The situation is not better even with a removable cover on the duvet. Hence the good thing is to take off the bedspread before you go into bed.

Reset the Alarm Clock

The guests who stayed previously might have set the alarm at 4:00 am and had forgotten to turn it off. Ensure to turn off the alarm while arriving at the room so that you are startled by the alarm sound while at deep sleep.

Place the do not disturb sign on the door

If you do not want the housekeeping or the turndown service barge at you during an unexpected hour, it is better to put the do not disturb sign as you enter the room. If you want the room to be cleaned in the morning, never forget to take it off.

Familiarize with the Fire Escape Map

Though things must never get bad, it is always better to have a contingency plan to face any emergency situations. Gaining familiarity with the fire escape route is always helpful.

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