When I talk of the colour pink, many of you immediately associate it with all things girly, because why not? After all, it’s such a beautiful and pleasant colour. It comes across as gentle and calming. Pink is joyful, creative, vibrant, refreshing and euphoric. Another reason for women to adore it, is its versatility. More muted pinks represent youth and innocence while loud forms of pink elude sexiness and boldness.

Incorporating this colour in your daily life through your outfits is one way to feel fabulous. Every time you come across anything in the shade of pink, you can’t help but stop and admire its inherent beauty. Pink brings to mind the feel love and the charm of romance, it’s perfect for dates.

Blending the sensuality of this colour into fishnet stockings is genius. Yes! The old, black and boring fishnets are long gone. Elegant embellished fishnets are the latest trend right now and are rapidly taking over the fashion world. These fishnets stockings will make you feel graceful and lady-like unlike the ordinary black fishnets.

A perfect example is LA VIE EN ROSE embellished fishnets. This stunning piece of art makes you think of all things fresh and new. It embodies who you try to be as a person. With adorably charming floral embellishments in hues of rose, peach, fuchsia, metal pink, lavender, silver and baby pink, all on a nude small lattice fishnet, this master piece is an epitome of gorgeous. The intricate detailing of pearl, stone and crystals add an extra touch of glamour to it. 

Style advice :

• Pull off a sassy bold look by wearing these with a tight hot pink dress, a black statement belt and black pumps. This waist-cinching outfit will make you look vivacious.

• For a relaxing and not-so-cliché look, wear it under a cute oversized sweater or an oversized t-shirt with boots.

• Pull together a casual day wear look by pairing them with a navy blue pencil skirt, a pink blouse and navy blue pointy toe heels. You just can’t go wrong with this look.

• If pink is your euphoria, pair it up with a soft pink dress that has a high-low cut and pink strappy heels. Trust me, wearing this outfit, you’ll look like a vision in pink.

• You can always wear them with your favourite dress and party shoes to complete the ensemble.

• Avoid patterns or prints that compete with the fishnet stockings and let the fishnets be the interesting fashion statement only. So, a simple nude dress should do the trick.

• An off white pencil skirt, a nude tight crop top (just so that the mid riff is visible) with a deep V neck, this gorgeous pair of embellished fishnets and nude pumps would look absolutely classy and sumptuous.

• Pairing them up with denim shorts, a soft pink t-shirt and heels would look chic and glamorous.

• None the less, choose and interesting color to go with the tights, you could make it bright and vibrant for extreme contrast, and come up with an outfit that’s full of life and character.