Every workmanship of artistic nature needs lots of hard and perseverance to be perfected. Makeup is no different as it is the artistic presentation of beautifying someone’s natural looks and appearance. To do makeup as a professional requires umpteen amounts of skill and ability. It is because of this reason, there are only a select few makeup artists in the world that have attained top spots in the beauty industry. Fiza Khan is one such makeup artist who has mastered the art of makeup like no other. She creates magic with her hands in terms of giving the top class makeup to the people.

Fiza Khan has been the cornerstone of the beauty industry for so many years with her hair and skin care treatments performed with real perfection. With that, she has become the best makeup artist in India with over 25 years of work experience. In her beauty career, she has achieved great accolades like winning the AHIBA National level gold medal in 2014, getting to the 8th position in OMG (Makeup Asia Cup) Malaysia 2015. She is also the national jury member of AHIBA since 2016. The biggest accomplishment of her career, if not her life, has to be the setting up of Fiza Makeup and Hair brand lots of years ago with her dedication and commitment to the beauty industry.

Now, with her great passion and determination for the cause alongside the team of stylists, Fiza Khan has taken this makeup and hair company to heights of success never imagined. The main service provided here is bridal makeup to the brides at very affordable prices with the option for them to select their most preferred makeup option. Bridal makeup in Jaipur is performed by Fiza Khan with real consideration to the wedding theme and venue as well as the historical customs and traditions. With her creative brains and enterprising techniques of giving the bridal makeup, the bride gets to be a literal goddess-like figure. Hence, the bride can flaunt her overall personality with finesse and style in front of loved ones on the auspicious occasion of her wedding.

Other services provided at Fiza Makeup and Hair includes shaving, haircuts, hair styling, luxury makeup, manicure, hair treatment, rebounding, facial treatment, pedicure, clean up and bleach, coloring and highlighting, threading, waxing, polishing, and body massages, etc. All these makeup and hair services are imparted to take care of the physical issues related to the pimples, wrinkles, dandruff, dryness, oily skin, and hair itchiness problems. Fiza Khan, the best hair stylist in Jaipur, gives these services with utmost accuracy and great precision to enrich and rejuvenate the hair and skin condition of the people. With that, taking part in any event whether ceremonies, parties, photo ops, weddings, and other social events becomes a very happening proposition for anyone once again.