Congratulations! You have finally stepped ahead to open a salon with all your ideas and investments. You got the location, services and people, but have you listed the salon equipment required for the same? Even though you will be opening up a brand new shop, you are expected to run it professionally. Whether you are offering hair beauty or just hair cutting, getting right furniture for the same is important. There is an extensive selection of equipment helping to suit your hair and beauty service requirement. From hair salon chairs to other beauty items, you need to list down all the essential equipment required for the salon purpose.

Let us check some of the salon equipment you should invest on-

General Salon Supplies-

If you are offering facials or manicures, you will need different types of beauty items. There is a wide selection of salon supplies available in the market you can invest. These basic supplies are essential part of the salon because clients may come up with demands for which you will need that item ready with you.

Sitting Chairs-

Hair salon chairs are different from other chairs because they are quite huge and offers extra comfort. Check out online to find different types of hair salon chairs available at different styles and prices, which you can select and buy.

Reception area seating and decor-

Having an appealing reception area is necessary because it can give a positive impression on customers towards your salon. Outfit the reception area with comfortable chairs ensuring that waiting clients will have good place to sit and have something to read. The decor must be appealing too to make their wait worth.

Salon Station Equipment-

Salon chairs and mirrors are quite expensive for a startup salon. Always go for chairs with built-in footrests offer extra support and comfort for clients, and adjustable-height chairs give stylists extra versatility. Get input from the stylists before purchasing any chair.

Shampoo Bowls-

Get shampoo bowls for every three stylists as per their shifts. These are important for any type of salon service you are offering to your clients. Consider getting rubber bowl lips that help reduce neck cramps and keep clients comfortable.

Pedicure Chairs-

If you are offering pedicure service then consider installing pedicure chairs with built-in footbaths to create a pampering experience for customers. If you do not know how to install the same, call up the technician for the same. If you have a limited budget, then you can go for the pedicure chair and upgrade it later.

Manicure and Pedicure Supplies-

If you are offering these two services, then better stock your salon with the required supplies. This include- nail tips, cuticle oil, acrylic nails, files, acetone, buffers, etc. Once you are update your salon with these supplies, you can confidently offer the service.

Bottom Line-

Investing on salon equipment salon furniture in a right manner will help in building your salon business ahead. Do research online for the same to invest on right equipment.