When buying school backpacks most of the parents just focus on the cost of the backpacks. Those who do not have any budget constrictions focus on the looks of the backpacks, the model and the design factors. Rarely any parent considers the ergonomic design factors. However more than the looks, the model and the cost the ergonomic design factor is what matters the most. Why should parents focus on the ergonomic design of the backpacks?

Orthopedics state that increasing number of kids turn to them complaining about backache and spine related problems. Closer analysis of the issue indicate that most common cause for the spine related issues and posture related issues in kids are due to the bad choice of backpacks and bad practices followed when using the backpacks. So if you are selecting the wholesale backpacks for your kids keep these factors in mind so that your kids do not end up with spine and posture related issues.

It is important that you purchase the backpacks for your kids at the right prices and that you do not pay more unnecessarily for those school bags. However what is more important is that you take into consideration the ergonomic design factors. It is recommended that the school bags do not weigh more than 10% of the body weight of the kids. However, in reality you know that your kids carry way more than that and it could easily exceed 20% or 30% of their body weight. Select backpacks that are made of light weight material so that the bag weight itself does not contribute to the overall weight carried by your kids.

When selecting the backpacks you need to check whether the backpacks you purchase come with well-placed shoulder straps and the straps should be well padded so that the strap does not cut the shoulders. The bag size should not be more than the shoulder width of the kids. The straps should come with the option to adjust the length. Choose wholesale backpack models that have chest and hip straps. These straps will provide additional support to your kids.

If you need to so carefully look in to all these factors when ordering your school backpacks you should certainly start the screening and selection process well in advance. You will not be able to make the right choices if you are going to start shopping your school bags for your kids in the last minute. You may be a busy person working on multiple jobs but when it comes to back to school shopping you should dedicate enough time or else your kids will be the ones who are going to suffer. Moreover, you will end up spending a lot of money on the physician bills. Keeping all these factors in mind, start looking around for the best backpacks suppliers online. You will certainly find the best stores and the best backpacks for your kids. It is your kids’ wellbeing and you would certainly not want to take risks.