Ghostwriting is not a new phenomenon, but due to the rapid rise of Content Marketing, its practice has become exponentially popular. It is worth understanding what it is and how it influences the work of the freelance copywriter.

It refers to the profession of writing any type of text (book, article, review, etc.) for a third party in exchange for financial compensation and without expecting any official credit in the publication, which generally appears in the name of the contracting party.

As already noted, this is not something new. Throughout history, several celebrities are said to have hired the services of professional writers to compose their autobiographies, articles, and even literary works.

How it influences the work of the freelance writer

In recent years, Content Marketing’s effectiveness in positioning websites and increasing conversions has dramatically increased the demand for freelance writers. Entrepreneurs hire ghostwriting agency services because they don’t have the time to dedicate to writing permanently, or because they don’t have the necessary skills to do it properly,

To these writers, in a way you can compare them with Ghostwriters because most content that is custom generated and published on these pages without receiving any credit. In other words, it can be said that in the digital age the two terms are practically synonymous.

Some may refute that the Ghostwriter is a concept associated with the production of major works. But in that case one would be speaking of degrees of expertise and not of different working modalities.

What is the positivity of being a Ghostwriter?

There are several advantages to being a freelance copywriter or Ghostwriter. The demand for work under this modality is almost infinite. On the web there are millions of sites that require publishing content on a daily basis to maintain relationships with their customers and the relevance of their brand, but for different reasons they cannot dedicate themselves to writing the texts and require someone to sell them together with the rights of intellectual property.