Wood-look tile offers the natural richness of wood with the durability of tile. Looking to capture the farmhouse feel or more traditional look? Check out these beautiful, trend-leading styles. Here’s everything you need to know about wood-look tile.

What Is Wood Look Tile

– Wood-look tile offers natural richness of wood combined with the durability of tile. Now you can have timeless style or protecting your floors from unexpected spills, high traffic, kids, and even pets.

– Wood-look tile has become extremely popular because you can put it in places you can’t put real wood. Since it’s waterproof you can put it in wet areas like kitchens and baths and even transition areas from inside to outside.

– Like all tile, wood-look tile can take direct sunlight and will not fade, not even a little. To make it even better, tile can withstand heavy foot traffic and is one of the most scratch-resistant flooring options you can find. In fact, with the right care tile floors can last at least 50 years. Wood-look tile isn’t just practical and affordable, it’s also stylish.

At Hanseceramictile, we bring you the hottest trends with the highest quality at the lowest prices. This tile doesn’t just look like wood it’s crafted to have a realistic touch whether it’s hand scraped, wire brushed, or simply natural you can feel the graining just like you would with real hardwoods.

Looking for that farmhouse feel? Try an on-trend whitewashed or gray hue with a distressed finish. Or maybe you want to capture the more traditional look of wood with a smooth finish deep brown or rich chestnut color tone. How about a floor with a large variation from tile to tile for a beautiful, trend leading room? Hanse offers the largest selection wood tiles floor in stock and ready to take home today. You’re sure to find a worry-free option you’ll love for many years to come.

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