Today’s Artificial Intelligence (robotics) has the capability to imitate human intelligence, performing various tasks that require thinking and learning, solve problems and make various decisions. Artificial Intelligence software or programs that are inserted into robots, computers, or other related systems which them necessary thinking ability.

 However, much of the current Artificial Intelligence systems (robotics) are still under debate as they still need more research on their way of solving tasks. Therefore Artificial Intelligence machines or systems should be in a position to perform the required tasks without exercising errors. In addition, Robotics should be in position to perform various tasks without any human control or assistance.

Today’s artificial intelligence such as robotic cars are highly progressing with high-performance capabilities such as controlling traffic, minimizing their speed, making from self-driving cars to the SIRI, artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing. The current attention towards portraying the artificial intelligence in robots for developing the human-like characteristics considerably increases the human dependence towards technology.

In addition, the artificial intelligence (AI) ability towards effectively performing every narrower and cognitive task considerably increases the people’s dependence towards the technology. For more additional info at Artificial Intelligence Online Course

Why can’t we tell that Todays AI is as clever as Human Beings

Generally, there are various paths towards building the intelligent machines that enables the humans to build the super-intelligent machines and provide ability to machines towards redesigning their own programming in order to increase their intelligence level, which is usually considered as the intelligence explosion. In contrast, the shielded human hunt is basically the emotion.

The breakthrough of AI technology can frighten the humanity in a way that machine are unable to effectively transmit the emotions. So, there may be possibility that AI can support us with the tasks and functions which usually not involves feelings and emotion. Till now, AI machines are not able to control their process, for which they need the intelligence and mind of human beings. Learn more info at AI Online Course

But AI development with same pace may cause threat to humanity, because the self-learning ability may cause the AI machines to learn destructive things, which may cause the killing of humanity in a drastic way.


Humans are different from the Artificial Intelligence machine physically in the sense that the human race usually experiences the same physical features while the machines take several forms and shapes. The trans-humanist vision analysis exhibits us to believe that brains are principally the computers.

AI reports are the silicon-based machines, which were controlled by using the algorithm that reinforces the entire internet business. AI believes that once the computers have adequate advanced algorithms, then they will be capable to replicate and enhance the human mind.

The tests which exhibits how much AI is distinct from the human intellectual are as follows Turing test; in order to evaluate on what intelligence means and on how the machine intelligence is different than the human intelligence, the Turing test strongly provide the essential insights to the AI field, which emphasis on how the machine simulates the human thinking.

The algorithmic aspects of AI tools should pass the Turning Test. This algorithm will not essentially result in the AGI but may also lean towards applied artificial intelligence. The algorithm tuned through the Turing process can also significantly define and passed it. read on to find more at Artificial Intelligence online training


Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way in which different companies across compete and grow across the world by representing a new production factor that can drive business profitability. In order to realize the opportunity of AI, most the companies in the world are already developing actively in various Artificial Intelligence strategies.

In addition, they should focus on developing responsible AI systems aligned with ethical and moral values that lead to positive feedback and empower people to do what they know best such as innovation. With the introduction of successfully implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, many industries across the earth can benefit from increased profitability and still count on economic growth.

To capitalize on this opportunity, the study identifies eight strategies for the successful implementation of AI that focuses on adopting a human-centric approach and taking innovative and responsible measures for the application of technology to companies and organizations in the world.