How do you get a steady pipeline of clients and improve return on investment? An array of amazing products and services doesn’t always guarantee good business. Without a stable customer base, it’s impossible to stay ahead of the business game. Here are a few actionable ideas that can be implemented to identify and impress potential clients:

1. High-Quality Referrals

Referrals are a powerful way to increase client base. According to data found by Nielsen, around 83% of people trust recommendations made by friends and family. Satisfied customers can help you get high-quality customers through referral programs. Creating an exceptional customer experience with existing clients is essential for ensuring they feel happy enough to recommend your services—referral incentives and grand prizes only become a bonus for their gesture. You can also join a referral networking group or be active on LinkedIn to contact a prospect via a personalized message.

2. Host an Industry Gathering

Organizing or holding an event requires proper planning. If you’re hosting a conference, seminar, or industry-related event, focus on your target audience before anything else. Decide your objective and stay focused on it. Understand the ultimate business goal for holding the event. Is it hosted to create brand awareness or encourage customer loyalty? Is it about lead generation or an exhibition of your products using attractive banner stands? Are you looking to position your company as the top leader in the market? Now that you have a clear idea about your goals, show off your expertise using live demonstrations for generating customer interest. Consider promotions, incentive programs, and fun activities to entertain your guests. Offer free trials of your services to show what you offer to your customers. A free product trial can be a win-win only when you are confident about the quality of your business’s services. They also can be a great marketing strategy for attracting customers, one that results in positive word-of-mouth recommendations. You can also live stream the event to attract an international audience.

3. Advertise Via Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium for engaging and connecting with your clients and customers. Social media helps nurture new relationships and encourages sales conversions. Run social media contests to increase your online presence, boost customer traffic, and convert qualified leads into sales. Invest in social media ads to get new followers and subscribers to your business’s official channels. Leverage LinkedIn groups by posting targeted content that’s relevant to your business. Participate in discussions for increased visibility of your products and services. Doing this can facilitate peer-to-peer connections as well as engage professional audiences. Target your customers and reach your audience with different types of LinkedIn ads, such as sponsored InMail, text ads, sponsored content, and carousel ads. You can also publish content on SlideShare to get your customers to notice you.

No matter how great your products and services are, you must consistently make efforts to attract high-paying clients to your business. Use the best marketing strategy by combining all these above methods for quick conversion rates.