Choosing the proper hangar door is subjected to many factors as the selection of hangar door will impact everything from building design to the general cost of the project. Choosing the right type is paramount.

There are some key considerations to while choosing the Hangar doors:

Door Style

Door style can be either horizontal or vertical. Vertical lifting doors don’t need any pocket space which can allow you to scale back the width of your building. Both types of doors can be manually operated.

Size and Budget

The objective of any hangar door is to be large enough to accommodate the aircraft. The primary question when designing your hangar door whether the vertical and horizontal clearances are adequate for the aircraft. The size of the door is very critical. Steel has always been a commonly used material or constructing hangar doors. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be easily repaired. On the downside, steel is very heavy and has poor corrosion resistance.

Options and Restrictions

Hangar doors should be designed with the desired safety level in mind. It should be able to forestall any danger to the operator or surroundings. Many airports have building stipulations which will directly affect your decision of the hangar door to be used.

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