If you are suffering from any cardiovascular disease, then you will suffer heart attack. Around 40% people die of heart attacks; this was reposted in a survey made. More than I million people suffer from heart strokes each year. And when a person suffers from heart attack, if the heart treatment and medication is delayed, it can be deadly, leading to death.

What is heart attack and how does it affect?

Heart attack happens when the blood supply to the heart stops suddenly. When the blood supply gets blocked and the heart is not able to receive any oxygen even for few minutes, it leads to heart attacks. When immediate help and medication is not given to the patient, it leads to heart attack and then death.

Here are some unknown facts about heart attack that you should know –

The people who die out of heart attacks, half of them are not able to know the symptoms of an attack, if it is the first heart attack. If you feel pain or discomfort in either of your arms or both your arms, or even above your belly portion, this is sign of heart attack. Immediate attention is required for this.

If you feel shortness of breath only and no pain or discomfort; then examine the pattern of your uneasiness. If you feel any difficulty in breathing even while you’re resting or sleeping, take immediate action by consulting your doctor. This could also be a possible sign of mild heart attack. If you feel uneasy in breathing and it continues for hours, then consulting your doctor is a must.

Heart Attack Damage

Researches have noticed that most of the heart attacks occur in mild winters or extreme winters. This is because in winters, the body has to work harder to pump blood supply to your heart and thus causing attacks mostly in winters or fall winters.

Consuming any form of asprin as soon as heart attacks begin, can cause damage to your artilleries. Although, asprin helps in breaking up the blood clots in the artilleries but this also cause severe damage to your heart cells.

Studies have shown that women under the age of 50 have died out of heart attack. This number if compared to that of men of the same age is twice more. One of the main reasons for lesser survival rates among the women is little or no knowledge about the symptoms of heart attacks.

It is important to note that not all heart attacks begin with pain in chest or discomfort in the arms or neck. Every person is different, they have different body and thus their symptoms also vary. There are many people who have negligible to fewer symptoms and when diagnosed, they are surprised to learn that they suffered a heart attack. Whereas, others may experience very severe symptoms and by the time they take aid, they pass away. This is the main reason, it is important to know and observe that how your body or organs are responding to a particular medication.