Crysis ransomware or DHARMA ransomware is a highly malicious virus that was first detected in 2017 and has ever since infected hundreds and thousands of computer systems in the world today. This ransomware encrypts data, files, and folders on the user computer thereby completely locking up the personal data of the user until and unless the victim pays a ransom in lieu of releasing his files to the sender. The malware attacks the computer hosts when unsuspecting users open up spam emails and social media posts and ads and start to download attachments that damage files and folders.

How to decrypt Crysis ransomware is a question that disturbs every user who has been attacked by the DHARMA ransomware. In the virtual world, there are hundreds of free and paid online tools that can be downloaded by users to recover their computer systems after a ransomware attack. However, there is no way to understand if a specific software tool is going to be really as effective as it claims to be. One of the best things to do is to look for reliable and dependable ransomware recovery companies at such times.

Fast Data Recovery is a Sydney-based company offering top-notch ransomware data recovery services. The company specializes in offering ransomware solutions pertaining to all known types of malware that user computers are susceptible too. Though the company was started as part of the parent company called PC Link, it branched out to form its own identity in 2018 after a rise in ransomware cases all across the globe was witnessed.

The company specializes in data recovery and ransomware solutions. Hence, all relevant issues related to how to decrypt Crysis ransomware or how to decrypt Cryptolocker are effectively and optimally resolved with Fast Data Recovery offers not only fast and immediate recovery solutions to tackle a current ransomware attack but also designs and implements solutions to prevent such attacks in the future too.

A company spokesperson added that ‘Fast Data Recovery has been named so because we are not only the leading ransomware recovery solution providers in the country but also with the fastest turnaround time. We have all customer-centric policies in place – we do not charge for assessing and evaluation; and we do not charge our customers when no data has been recovered. We are available round-the-clock to offer guaranteed and assured data recovery from ransomware that helps our clients work with an enhanced level of confidence’.

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