As I was walking this morning I decided to do a mental exercise. I closed my eyes as I walked a familiar path. While my sense awareness told me that there was nothing around me, after a small period of time, an immobilizing fear overtook me and demanded that I stop walking. The demand was so great I had to really fight it, not to stop. It was like my body was under its grip and was intent on stopping.

Fear was powerful! Fear of walking into something. Fear of the unknown, even though the path was familiar. Fear of not being able to see my surroundings. But something else was there too. Faith! Faith said listens to your gut. Listen to your heart. It is well. Keep walking. You know how this turns out. Turns out faith were right. I continued to walk and I was surrounded by nothing but peace.

Lesson learned: Fear immobilizes! Fear says stop. Faith says keep walking. Faith is an unyielding energy. Faith is always right!

Listen to your heart. Don’t allow fear to stop your growth. Don’t allow fear to dominate your faith. Don’t allow fear to control you. Fear is a negative but powerful energy. It will cause you to miss out on every good thing in life. While it feels real. It is truly false evidence appearing real.

Faith is a positive force that will always stand the test of time. Trust your faith.

The following are three ways to overcome fear. 

  • Visualize your success
  • Speak positive affirmations into your life
  • One of my favourites is I am strong, powerful, healthy, loving and harmonious! 
  • To achieve your goals sometime you have to change your surroundings.