Fever Patrol is an infrared touchless thermometer that is said to be the safest and the easiest way to monitor body temperature. Using the traditional thermometer is time consuming and the person who is ill has to put effort in order to know his body temperature. I started looking for other options. To my surprise, I came across Fever Patrol, an infrared touchless thermometer that is the safest and the easiest way to monitor body temperature.

Features Of Fever Patrol

1. It’s contact free – Regular thermometers have to be kept under your arms or inside your mouth. With Fever Patrol you don’t have to make any contact. Just point and shoot towards the person whose temperature has to be recorded. No need to disinfect too.

2. No need to wake the patient – You can measure the body temperature of the person without disturbing his/her sleep. This is very helpful when you need to monitor children or elders.

3. Color coded screen – The color coded screen helps to monitor and understand the body temperature quickly.

4. Measure all values – Regardless the temperature being low, medium or high, Fever Patrol can measure every value.

5. Easy handling – Fever Patrol comes with a handle that makes it very easy to carry it along. The handle of this device gives it a sturdy grip.

6. Mode button – The mode button makes it convenient for the user while monitoring different materials or different individuals.

7. Portable – The compact design of the product will help you to take Fever Patrol everywhere along with you. It can easily fit into your bag.

With Fever Patrol the handling is very convenient for parents as well as children. It gives accurate results within seconds.