Compassionate Sexual Harassment Attorneys Will Help Make the Legal Process Less Intimidating

Victims of sexual harassment go through a horrific ordeal. They feel humiliated at best. Sometimes they are the victim of sexual assault in the workplace. To get to the point where an attorney is required, they were discredited and ignored by their superiors.

Therefore, victims of sexual harassment require a compassionate sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles to ease them. The goal of the attorney is to listen to your claim and help you understand your rights. The most compassionate attorneys will walk you through the process while assuring you that you are entitled to justice.

Do You Know You Are a Victim?

The most important thing to remember when you are subjected to sexual harassment is that you are a victim. You did not ask for the harassment. You did not bring it on yourself. Your boss is not entitled to a date, a sexual favor, or any sexual acts.

Therefore, your attorney must understand you are a victim. The most compassionate sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles will treat you as a victim in need of support and help. They will not suggest ways you could have prevented the treatment. They will not treat you as another sad story.

Instead, they will let you know that you are not at fault. They will understand the pain and suffering you endured that led you to their office. They will work with you as a trusted associate instead of a lawyer looking out for a large payday.

How Do You Find a Compassionate Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles?

The first step to finding a compassionate sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles is to ask Google. Begin your search by looking for “sexual harassment attorney Los Angeles.”

If you look for sexual harassment attorneys without giving a location, you may get results for sexual harassment lawyers in NYC. These attorneys may be compassionate. However, they cannot help you in LA.

Next, look for attorney reviews. Social media sites, as well as AVVO, SuperLawyer, FindLaw, and Google, can provide a slew of peer and client reviews. People will jump at the chance to bash their attorneys online if they have a bad experience. When a person says the attorney was cold, disinterested, and never responded to their messages, believe them.

When such reviews are only listed once or twice out of hundreds of reviews, it may be the client and attorney did not mesh. However, if the majority of client and peer reviews say things like this, know that this attorney will not be compassionate towards you or your situation.

Can You Interview an Attorney Before Signing a Retainer Agreement?

When you agree to work with an attorney, you sign a retainer agreement. This retainer means you agree they will represent you. They will handle all issues relating to the matter for you.

However, before agreeing to anything, take the time to interview the firm and the attorney. The best way to do this is to call for a free consultation. As you meet with sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles, you can determine if they are the right fit for you. An attorney may be an amazing attorney. They may have a million favorable reviews. However, that does not mean they are the right attorney for you.

Some attorneys and clients, no matter how nice they may be, do not work well together. Not all personalities mix well. Therefore, it is essential to interview your potential attorney before signing any document. Take note of how they answer your questions. It is not as much about what they say as it is about how they respond.

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