Are you using a Netgear router, then first of all congrats you have made a good choice. The application you use to communicate with the router might not be one of the greatest feats of design when it comes regarding the performance, for which you are being looked for.

But somehow there are some common problems you might address in your Netgear AC1200 router but are you sure from where you have to start. Here are some of the quick troubleshooting guidelines:

How to Interact with Netgear AC1200 Setup?

For every Netgear AC1200 Router Setup troubleshooting, all you need to follow the local webpage address. So, all you need to just point towards a web browser there while connecting with a network that your Netgear AC1200 WiFi router is broadcasting.

For Netgear AC1200 Setup or for any other Netgear router setup, the default username and password should be ‘admin’ and ‘password’ respectively. If not so, then check the router manual that comes along within the box of your Netgear AC1200 wireless router or there might be some label somewhere mentioned on your device itself with admin username and password.

Configure your Network SSID Name and Passphrase

By default, your Netgear network SSID name will be something related to your router’s model like “NETGEAR1200-5G” and the password is completely random and printed on the label somewhere on your Netgear wireless router.

Once you have successfully logged in to Netgear Router Manual Setup page now you configure these both Network SSID name and passphrase present under the wireless section. Change them to something more unique and memorable, and which are quite easy to memorize.

Change Off the ISP Supplied Wireless Router

All you just need to plug in your Netgear router into the internet service provider’s router. It will start working with the details that you will provide either by manually or usually preferring the details present on the label somewhere on the side or back of the router. You need to search out the settings either to configure it to the modem only mode or just make sure the wireless capabilities are turned off.

Low Downloading Speed. How to Fix it?

This is one of the most difficult tasks to perform with Netgear Router Manual Setup procedure, as it might not only because of your router, the house size with various other factors behind this all can the be the reason for low downloading speed. Somehow if you are failed to move the WiFi router to a more central position, then there are some things, that you can do to fix up this low download speed.

You can try to change the Wi-Fi signal channel that you are currently using. If there are other networks adjacently using the same channel, then it might put the effect on your download speed and make it more congested.

One of the easiest tricks is to use the 5GHz WiFi signal channel if your Netgear AC1200 router supports well. Basically, 2.4GHz is for the distance and 5GHz is for best performance.


We hope that with our this particular blog section on the most common problems with Netgear AC1200 router, we are able to assist you well regarding all the router’s struggles. If still there are some problems that still you are facing with your Netgear device. Feel free to share with us through our comment box. We are quite delighted to always help you out and work on your valuable feedback.