You might have forgotten your Spectrum WiFi or would like to change it at regular intervals to make it secure. You can do so by resetting your WiFi password. Users also prefer changing their Spectrum password to prevent unknown users from using their network. A lot of network traffic in the system can slow down the working of the WiFi. There are several ways to Change Charter Spectrum WiFi Password if you are using Charter Spectrum WiFi. To change your password, you should first know the default WiFi information of your WiFi.

The default login information of your Charter Spectrum WiFi can be found underneath a sticker consisting of your network name and key. A technician might also give you a note with your default WiFi information.

Change your Charter Spectrum WiFi Password here

To change your WiFi password, you can follow the steps advised below:

1. Firstly, connect to the network.

2. If you are not sure about your WiFi password, use an Ethernet cable to connect directly to your router.

3. Now, open the browser window and visit address.

4. With the correct admin username and password, log in to your router.

5. Search the menu options for an option to edit your WiFi network.

6. The network name will be labeled with SSID, Gateway name, or Wireless Network.

7. The password key will be labeled as WPA Pre-Shared Key.

8. After finding it, create a new password and save the changes to confirm.

If you are using the My Spectrum app and wish to change the WiFi password, you can go through the below steps:

1. Launch the My Spectrum App on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Sign in to your Spectrum account (Create a username is you do not have an account).

3. Tap on Services. It will display your network name and password.

4. Click on Update, if you wish to change your network name or password.

5. Type a new network name, password, or both.

6. Click on Save Changes to confirm the changes.

If you wish to view your current WiFi information, you have two ways to access it using the official website.

Using Manage Account

1. Launch Manage Account.

2. Click on Services.

3. Finally, select the Internet option.

Using My Internet

1. Log in to your Spectrum account.

2. Click on My Internet.

3. Visit the Manage WiFi settings.

If the procedure for Charter Spectrum WiFi Password reset not working, you can contact the assistance team of Charter Spectrum via the phone number. The contactemail will listen to your Spectrum issue attentively and will come up with a solution instantly. You can also visit the charter support Page for help on your Spectrum WiFi.

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