When a customer with a query is termed as just another customer with ticket #532, the personal touch is missing. The relevance of time is also lost if the customer experience is not up to the mark. To deliver excellent customer support, personalized interactions with the customer are essential.

The process to do it is simple yet challenging at times. The executives need to talk to people, understand where they are facing problems, and help them efficiently. It is a simple process that leads to satisfied customers and a shorter queue or waiting time. However, behind every interaction, there is data and numbers that can guide the customer care executives to make the support team more efficient.

A ticket management system is a one-stop solution that stores all the data and manages the numbers and calculations. Moreover, it is a tool that helps the customer support team to map a priority chart for each ticket and help the customer in a personalised manner. As different tools have a different set of features, there are some things to analyze while using any tool:

Ticket Trends

Mapping out the ticketing trends gives a fair idea to the customer support team as of where the customers are facing a problem. Ticket trends can be considered spread across an age group, geography, a new product launch, a version release or can be a general query about a product. The query can also be segregated in terms of where the customer is on the conversion funnel – if it is the product information, pricing, features, or how the product or service offered is different from what the competitors offer.

Knowing and understanding the major area of concern helps the team work towards a direction where the query can be eliminated from the entire batch of products or services.

Ticket Volume

Ticket volume can be analyzed as an overall count or as per the ticket trends. A sudden increase in the ticket volume can be a question of concern. A ticket management system can track the total ticket volume periodically to determine the areas that need more support staff. Gathering the team or decision makers together can help in analyzing every aspect of the user journey. It also helps in evaluating the ticket volume and the need to raise tickets. This gives a warning signal for investigating the problem areas.

Ticket Response Time

With social media and other technological advances, people have become habitual of quick responses, and prompt redressal. As a customer also, people expect a response to their emails, tweets, messages, etc. within a minimum timestamp.

A cloud ticketing system helps in reducing the response time of the tickets. It is because the customer support team gets access to the reporting dashboard remotely. On reducing the response time, the customers feel that their queries are dealt with seriously and enhance the customer experience.

This is an essential parameter for the managers as well. It helps to evaluate the performance of the call center in general. There are several ways they can track the response time of the support agents. They can analyze the time it took a customer support staff person to first respond to a help desk request. Another response time to measure is the percentage of tickets that your help desk replies to in a given time frame.

Satisfaction of Customer

In the end, the task of a helpdesk is to ensure that customers have a great experience with the company. For an experience to be cherished, it is essential that the team and the helpdesk ticketing system together, work towards creating an ecosystem where customers are a priority. One of the ways to achieve a deeper understanding of customers’ satisfaction level is to put forward a rating scale after every conversation with the customer. The data so collected can be used to gain an insightful view of how the customers perceive the company and its services.

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