Freedman International is a global marketing Campaigns And implementation agency. We get campaigns out and

performing in multiple media, multiple languages and multiple markets.Looking to launch an international or

global marketing campaign? Freedman International can help with global marketing implementation.

Brilliant global marketing campaigns succeed when brands understand the crucial role of implementation.

Marketers love to create and set the strategy in motion but when the time comes to deliver the strategy globally,

the results can suffer.

However, the big ideas can be rolled out in style across borders if you spend as much time planning how to

implement your campaign as on the creative side.

Full focus on implementation as a central part of your marketing strategy will cut costs and stress while keeping

the campaign on schedule. 80/20 is a great rule when you’re doing strategy but with implementation it’s got to be


Follow these four steps, and your global campaign will fly:

1)Create once, implement globally:-

Managing marketing collateral, and making sure local teams have all they need takes knowledge, skills and

patience. You’ll need to collaborate with them closely, combining ‘on the ground’ knowledge and global

understanding, to tailor campaigns that fit different territories.

You should adapt and localise creative assets centrally and apply in-market Quality Assurance (QA) and testing.

2)Check the teams:-

Successful implementation depends on having the right blend of people so it’s important to check that your teams

have the right balance and make any changes needed.

The best campaign ideas can become unintelligible when they cross cultures or languages because local teams may

not have a firm understanding of the culture where the big idea was generated and vice-versa

3)Be clear on budgets:-

If you want the marketing teams to deliver effectively and confidently, sort out the budget details at an early

stage to make sure your people know where the money is coming from and who has ownership and allocation rights.

With this knowledge, regions will not need to guess campaign budgets, which can lead to wasteful creative


4)Choose the best tools:-

Make sure you choose valuable global marketing tools and technology.

Prioritise a single, secure and robust Digital Asset Management system, accessible to both partners and agencies.