Instagram if a platform that gives you complete freedom of speech. There is no one who would question your posts stories or anything that goes up on your account. But if you are running an online business on IG then you need to be a bit careful about all these things. Especially because- YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!! The basic thing is your every content determines your future public image and that cannot be hampered. Here are some Dos and Don’ts that you might find the need to follow if you plan to use IGTV to its full potential.

But first, let us see why we are only discussing IGTV for online marketing. Reason number one- IGTV allows you a wide range of audience. Not only will your followers watch it but also the target audience who is not in your followers‘ list. Reason number two- there are no professional limitations on IGTV what so ever. You just need a phone and an idea to get started. Last and most important reason- you can get your viewers stuck on you with your brilliant ideas. If you give them good content they will keep coming back to you.


The dos go simple and sweet nothing fancy here. These are just elementary steps that you might actually be taking but it is better to make the picture clear. So, number one- try recoding you IGTV videos in a vertical mode rather than a horizontal mode. This will keep the viewers hooked and also give a clear wide picture. Number two- do not make your title very long. If someone wants to refer to your video it should be easy to remember and say. Number three- use the keywords that best describe your motive and your video. Try guessing at what might people search and put it accordingly. Fancy words might look good but the results won’t be similar.

Number four- Promote your own IGTV content. No one, I repeat no one is responsible for the promotion except you. Share it across posts and stories and every way possible. You are responsible for the audience you get. Number five- involve your audience in the process. Try putting up teasers or trailers for your video and generate interest. This will ensure you get your audience. And last- schedule your posts. Your audience should know when you post so that they look forward to a specific goal. No one likes a wait that is indefinite.


Don’ts are not as many as the dos coz there is a lot that can be done and should be done but little that shouldn’t be done. Very first in this list is- NEVER I repeat never reshare a YouTube content without adjusting it to the resolutions of Instagram. This will make the video weird and people will definitely skip it. Make sure it has good visibility and less confusion and weirdness in it. Number two- never use horizontal format unless it is the only option (which it is not in most cases but OK) the more you make people work to see your video the more they tend to skip.

Number three- do not worry much about professionalism. You are not here to be professional you are here to blend in with the audience so that they connect easily with you. And last- never break the format, pattern and style of your posts. This might be an experiment but with a huge risk. People might actually start doubting you so that is definitely a bad idea.