A snorer can be the butt of a joke in the family or friendly gatherings, but snoring is a serious issue. It can impact the physical and mental well-being of not only the snorer but also the significant other sleeping next to him or her. The lack of quality sleep affects daily functioning, making the person irritable and impacting their productivity. There are many cases wherein the couples went for divorce because the other person snored. Thus, snoring impacts not only health and well-being but also kills a relationship.

A significant percentage of world population snores either occasionally or regularly. Occasional snoring can be due to nasal or throat congestion and using nasal sprays or taking steam can help. Once the blockage clears up, the snoring stops. It is not a big problem that can cause friction in the relationship.

The problem is more acute in people who snore regularly. It becomes more severe if following simple remedies like changing the way one sleeps or cutting down on alcohol or tobacco doesn’t help.

Are Tennis Balls, Electric Shocks and Surgeries Effective?

Often people advise the snorer to tape a tennis ball on the back so that they can’t sleep on the flat back, which is usually a cause of snoring as the tongue gets more relaxed landing on the end of the throat obstructing airflow. The resulting vibration in the tissues leads to snoring. Tying a tennis ball on the back can make you sleep on the side, but it will add to discomfort and even rashes if you have sensitive skin. It is thus not an ideal solution for snoring.

When nothing seems to work, people tend to look towards great remedies like electric shock or surgery. Some bracelets deliver a weak electric shock when they detect snoring, which wakes a person momentarily and the snoring stops for a while. The continuous poking and prodding might help in temporary snoring relief, but then it is annoying, and the quality of sleep suffers. The only benefit, in this case, is that the partner sleeps peacefully only if these devices don’t result in sneezing in the snorer as reported in many cases.

Snoring Remedies That Work

Here are a few snoring remedies that work:

• An excellent way to stop snoring is to practice breathing exercises. It strengthens the muscles of the throat when practiced correctly and regularly.

• You can also use anti-snoring sprays. These sprays clear the nasal and throat passage making the flow of air slow and steady. Snore sprays from a reputed manufacturer are medically tested and clinically proven solutions. They are known to reduce and stop snoring in 75-80% of the users. Using these sprays is also easy as you need to pump it into each nostril at night. As they come in small bottles, they are easy to carry when going out.

Considering that snoring is turning out to be a significant issue, it’s good to see that the medical fraternity is coming up with new and innovative products to relieve people from this problem.