First up, the search for ‘Optometrist Near Me’ will yield you results displaying an assorted bunch of eye clinics in Melbourne. But for an overall memorable experience and a lifetime partnership to preserve your vision, A+ Optometry clinic is where you need to put your best foot forward.

The clinic established in 2017, with the guidance of Dr. Jeff Lee, our clinic have gained the trust of many families in Melbourne who have elected us, as their Ocular health guardians.

How does an Optometrist differ from Ophthalmologists?

An Optometrist holds a degree in optometry and prescribes medication, and pinpoint various eye disorders like cataracts, myopia, etc..

In contrast, the ophthalmologists perform specialized surgical procedures related to the eye.

An Optometrist will undergo all your primary diagnosis and treatment. He may ask you to visit an ophthalmologist only when surgery is required.

Our gratitude towards your trust in us

Serving our gratitude to our client’s trust, we always make sure your visits with us are pleasing. Our treatment procedures are as easy as counting with your fingers. We have attractive, affordable, comprehensive health packages for an entire family. We also provide eye vision assessments as per VicRoads standards, helping you to grab up your driving license quickly.

The State-of-art Tech

At A+ Optometry, we have a valuable possession of the latest gadgets for eye tests and treatments. We always refurbish our equip’s into the most recent trends so that we never miss a detail in the diagnosis of your eyes.

• Topcon Digital Slit-lamp camera

The device posses a digital camera that images the structure of eyes and its veins and helps in picturing conditions like cataracts, corneal ulcers, and eyelid abnormalities. The digital slit arrangement also has an IR filter mounted on it.

• Optical Coherent Tomography

OCT is an advanced imaging tool that captures the cross-sections of the eyeballs, making it a compelling device to understand any earlier backlog in ocular characteristics.

• Corneal Topographer

Helpful in the precise fitting of Ortho-K lenses and contract lenses, this precise equipment uses reflections to measure the shape of the cornea and also to quantify tear evaporation rates.

• Blephasteam®

Belphasteam improves your vision and relieves your eyes from soreness. The system focuses mainly on managing MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction). The wearable, coupled to a steam chamber that applies a soothing heat around eyelids, clearing any underlying blockages.

• Intense pulse light system

The system compromises a probe that applies an intensified light to the affected areas of the meibomian gland inside the eyelids. The light carries a selected wavelength simulation of the production of oil from the glands. Earlier used in dermatology, this proves to be a useful gadget to treat dry eye syndromes.

Our patient’s convenience is more important to us. Our eye clinic, located in SHOP 26, 204 WARRANDYTE RD RINGWOOD NORTH, VICTORIA, and that is a 10-minute drive from the Ringwood east Railway avenue. You can book your appointment easily with our real-time booking system from our webpage. You can also call or email us to schedule your visit with our experts.

If you want to learn more about A+ and our revolutionary treatment techniques and our you can visit our user-friendly website.

Presenting a broad spectrum of ocular care and multi-disciplinary services under one umbrella, A+ Optometry clinic devotes to providing the best quality healthcare to every citizen in Melbourne. With a commitment to score 20/20 from you just like your eye tests, A+ Optometry is far and away from the best.

Primary eye care is a very complex and humongous concept that starts right from covering a toddler to senior adults of a family. Identifying common eye diseases, managing them with proper techniques and meditation, and, most importantly, partnering with the patient is not a job for anyone. You need an expert, and A+ is right there from the first to last.

If you are googling, ‘Optometrist Near me’ from anywhere in Melbourne, you should book an appointment with us, A+ Optometry.