These days, people around the world are in love with recreating famous tandoori dishes and cuisines. While the history of tandoor dates back to ancient times, Gas Oven Tandoors are the modern versions and have made it much easier for people to cook dishes with the earthy flavor.

Tandoori chicken is one of the most famous tandoori dishes that a lot of people love to eat and also try to cook it in their home. When cooked in tandoor, the chicken dish is known for its smoky aroma, bit charred Indian herb, spice mixture, crispy touch, and moist and tender inside part. All of this is possible to achieve only with a tandoor.

Traditional vs. Modern Tandoors

A traditional tandoor is a bell-shaped pot in which usually marinated chicken is placed through skewers and the live fire is produced by burning coals.

However, in a modern gas oven tandoor, people can cook various food dishes with the same taste and aroma but without going through the risk of burning coals. They run on gas (some also allow you to use charcoal for burning) and are best for residential as well as commercial purposes. Built in a metallic-construction, they come with a long life span and fewer hassles of cleaning, seasoning, and maintaining.

Top Features of Gas Oven Tandoors

• Provide the Same Smoky Flavor: Many tandoors available at present allow you to cook by fueling with gas (propane or natural gas) and also charcoal; meaning they come with a conversion kit to switch to fueling mode as per your preference. To get the same flavor you get through traditional tandoor, you can choose to use charcoal.

• Save Your Time: Modern tandoors are multipurpose, come with different shelves and compartments, and therefore, allow you to cook other dishes along with tandoor dishes simultaneously. As such, they help you save time.

• Save Your Money: As mentioned above, the body of gas oven tandoors is constructed from corrosion-resistant material, such as stainless steel. It makes them tough and last longer. Due to their strong SS construction, they also require less maintenance. Therefore, they also help save you money.

• Provides You Safer Environment: Unlike traditional tandoors, modern tandoors are also available in double insulation so that they can retain most of the heat inside. They are safer from indoor use and suitable for small places where many chefs work.

• Don’t require much attention: Traditional tandoors require chefs to keep on heating the coals or putting wood to maintain the required temperature. On the other hand, modern tandoors are equipped with thermostats and a specially designed body. They are easy to use and clean.

Where to Buy Gas Oven Tandoors in the USA

High-quality gas oven tandoors are not a small investment, thus it is best if you do research to make the final choice. You should choose a company that is acclaimed among its clients for delivering quality and has a good history of experience and background. For instance, Tandoor Morni that is in this business for 20 years provides NSF and CSA certified tandoors so that you can use tandoor indoors on Natural gas or Propane in North America and Canada region. Besides, tandoors made by Tandoor Morni also come with seasoned clay, durable exterior casing, conversion kit, and low operational cost.

So, the next time you make your purchase, you should consider not only the benefits of cooking in tandoor but also where you are buying your tandoor from.