Protect your dear kids this time of year by making sure that they have properly fitted and operational toddler life vests. If you spend any time out on the water with your family, you require an infant life vest.

You and your family don’t need to keep off from enjoying the water and the outdoors, but you do have to take enough steps to watch over} every member of your family? Have you ever taken your eye off of your child for even 30 seconds?

Let’s admit it; no parent can keep an eye on their child’s every action. Make sure you have an infant life vest that fits correctly and is the correct size, so your children will be safe if they happen to fall into the water. Maybe you decide to just put them in inflatable arm bands, or maybe use an adult vest you already have lying around? What about those floating noodles, they are fine right?

These might seem like excellent ideas, but they may be putting your kid or baby in just as much peril as not wearing a vest at all. When buying a vest, you should always buy the right size for your toddler.

What if your child or baby doesn’t want to wear that boring old orange life vest? Infant vests come in many great colors and patterns, some complete with your favorite sports team, or your child’s favorite cartoon character on them. If you give your child a choice in the procurement of their infant life jacket, they are very likely to want to wear the vest each time they are out on the water. If you are out on the water this summer with your children, make sure they are all protected.

Make sure you are a knowledgeable consumer and you grasp what each safety type means and what materials and styles are out there. Keep in mind, the greatest womens life jacket is one that you will wear.

It has been shown that 90% of the people who drown don’t wear life vests. This means that the life vest plays a major role in preventing people from drowning.

Since the jacket is usually aired, it provides you with buoyancy that keeps you afloat in case your boat capsizes. By being kept afloat you can easily swim to safety and even call for help.

Other than keeping you afloat, the jacket also helps you by conserving your body heat thus preventing hypothermia that is common due to the cold water.

For you to conserve your body heat, you need to assume heat saving positions. Some of the best postures that you can assume are the HELP (heat escape lessening posture) and Huddle positions.

To assume the HELP position, you need to draw your knees up to your chest with your face out of the water. You should then hold your upper arms at your sides and your lower arms against or across your chest.

The huddle position is common when two or more people have had a boat accident. To assume the position, you should put your arms around two people in order to bring your chests together.

If there are three or more people, you should put your arms over their shoulders so that the sides of your chests are brought together. If there are children or elderly people, they should be brought at the middle of the huddle.

As mentioned, the life vest is usually aired; therefore, it cushions your body if you were to hit a hard surface. In such cases the life jacket protects you from the impact of the hard object.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should wear a life jacket. You should note that the jacket can’t provide you with the above benefits if you are not wearing it; you have to be wearing it to get the benefits. If you have any children, you should ensure that all of them are wearing the life vest