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 The new corona virus is not only damaging the financial markets and pushing governments to issue travel bans. But also spurting the internet via different social media platforms. Consequently, conspiracy theories, wrong information, and prejudiced explanations are spreading very quickly. This has resulted in a panic situation that is detrimental to the global economy. 

What is Corona Virus?

These are a group of viruses that cause disease in animals. Seven of them, including the new COVID-19 virus, have been transferred to humans. The majority of these viruses cause flu and cold-like symptoms in human beings. MERS and SARS are more severe with a higher death rate than COVID-19.

Symptoms of Corona virus:

Initial symptoms include dry cough, fever, tired body, and feeling of unwell. Things may go unnoticed for a few days until when corona virus symptoms appear. Get more information on symptoms on the WHO website. Get yourself tested for corona virus free of cost in government declared facilities. Those who are diagnosed with this virus are kept in quarantine.

Corona Virus Has Been Declared As Pandemic BY “WHO”

The Corona virus disease (COVID-19) has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). This virus first originated in China and it is now spreading to different countries. The world is in the grip of this unprecedented pandemic. The Corona outbreak has inflicted a horrendous toll on human lives, especially in China, Italy, and Iran. More than 5,800 deaths have been reported across the globe. Over 1,56,000 people have been infected so far. The number of reported cases of this disease has begun to decrease in China, whereas it is climbing rapidly in other countries of the world. Along with a terrible impact on human health, analysts warn of a detrimental effect on the world economy as a whole. Corona virus has also become a threat to the global economy.

Corona Virus Crisis Has Made the Life a ‘Living Hell’

Lock down orders given by the Chinese government in Wuhan, China has made the life of confined residents a ‘living hell’. The fate of the Italian people is nothing short of it either. Deserted and gloomy streets, fear and panic among the residents, closed schools and factories, curtailed transportation, have made the life of people miserable.

Corona Virus is Pandemic And Potential Economic Slow Down is On The Horizon

The worst health crisis in recent decades is taking a toll on the global economy. Declining exports, contracting imports with disruptions in the supply chain, depreciating global currencies and downing stocks all over the world have led to the fears of another possible recession. The global GDP is slowing sharply. The worry is that Corona virus will, at some stage, trigger a corporate default. If you need detailed articles and essays, our affordable essay writing experts will write essays on corona virus and its impact on the economy.

Corona Virus Has Devastated Businesses and Workers in the USA. ‘It Has All Gone Into Hell’

Economic damage is mounting. Billions have been lost in a single week due to the cancellation of trips, large gatherings, and plunging stocks. Financial markets are bleeding. No immediate respite is on the cards. Broader crises may generate as more people avoid visiting malls, Theaters, sporting events.

As per JP Morgan data and Bureau of Economic Analysis, the four industries of – airlines, dining, hospitality, and amusement parks – contribute to $1.2 trillion or 5.5% of GDP of the US Economy. USA relies on its U.S. customers for driving 70% of the economy. The downfall of any of the above-mentioned industries could have serious impacts. These 4 industries account for 11% of the U.S Labor market or 17 million jobs in America. Job losses would be more devastating than a pullback in spending. A major concern is that businesses ranging from mighty retailers to mom-and-pop shops on the main street will be enforced to lay off workers due to slow consumer activity.

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Whistle Blower of Corona Virus Has Died

The corona virus’s love for human beings is real. Many people lost their lives including the first whistle blower in Wuhan, China. Witch hunt for corona virus is the need of an hour. Witch hunt reminds of this quote: “Everyone loves a witch hunt as long as it’s someone else’s witch being hunted.” But this witch hunt of corona virus is a global issue now and it is complicated. Yet no vaccine for corona virus has been successfully developed. Scientists are working hard for finding a remedy to this disease. Stay safe and adopt precautionary measures suggested by ‘WHO’ in this regard.