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What is the compensation management?

Compensation management is an essential part of every organization. It supports financial and nonmonetary benefits in order to attract employees, lower turnover, enhance performance and amplify employee engagement. Before that, you need to know what compensation is. In simple words, compensation acts as rewards seek by employees in return for their work that includes payments (bonuses, overtime, or profit-sharing), rewards recognition and sales commission, etc. It also consists of non-monetary perquisites such as a company-paid car, stocks, and company-paid housing.

Compensation is a significant segment of resource management that encourages employees and improve the overall effectiveness of an organization. Under this part of management, employees get assured salaries and bonuses.

Objectives of compensation management:

The main objective of compensation management is to improve the effectiveness of the overall organization by implanting needful efforts. Count the following key-points as objectives of compensation management:

1. Attract suitable staff and keep qualified employees

2. Create a reward structure that is justified with logical and proper pay relations among differently valued jobs.

3. Proper organization of pay structure reflecting inflationary effects

4. Ensure rewards and salary costs tackle changes in market rate or other industrial changes.

5. Appraise employees’ praiseworthy work, duty, and loyalty, and offers promotions or progress.

6. Abide with legal necessities.

7. Manage different levels of compensations and differentials under review and handle wages costs.

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