The brain never actually loses a memory. It records each thing like a computer. However, problems with recall begin when a lot of things to be retrieved and so the memories we had become fade sometimes. This mainly happens with memory, concentration, clarity, confidence, focus and positive thinking. The memory in the brain, like other parts of the body, needs physical and mental exercise, together with particular nutrients, to increase the power of memory. Bio memorysharp capsule contributes to the performance of memory during intellectually intense times, study or examination periods, intense work activity or stress.

It is for those who need extra energy to their cognitive function, awareness, memorization, etc. Adults who want to contribute to the proper functioning of memory and other intellectual functions, concentration, mental fluency, etc. The synergy of this Bio memorysharp capsule favors the proper functioning of the cognitive function and the nervous system because it helps the working memory, mental agility, and the brain’s executive functions and contributes to the speed of responses. The antioxidant levels, facilitates the functioning of verbal memory, memories, and thinking.


The memory capsule contains active standardized ingredients with rich properties. Ingredients which has been traditionally used by in especially as a treatment for brain anti-aging. They help to calm the mind and improve the quality of sleep. It has Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha), Bacopa (Brahmi), Indian Valerian (Tagara), Spikenard (Jatamansi), Intellect Tree (Malakangni), Indian Pennywort (Madukaparni), English Speedwheel (Shankhapushpi), Wild Asparagus (Shatavari), Holy Basil (Tulsi), Sweet Flag (Vacha), and Heart-leaved Moonseed (Giloy).

It is a memory-boosting capsule and a powerful brain tonic in ayurveda. It has anti-oxidant properties, which help reduce oxidative damage to the brain. It reduces stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depressive tendencies. It also has a soothing effect that helps induce sound sleep. Supports the overall health of bones, joints, nerves, and brain. It helps to reduce nervous tension, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. It helps to improve concentration, alertness, and other cognitive functions. It strongly stimulates the neuro-muscular system. It reduces aches and cramps. It helps in addressing nervous debilities like a sense of weakness, fatigue, low retention and loss of zest & memory. It enhances blood flow to the brain. It helps in relieving anxiety & stress and induces good sleep. It helps to reduce high blood pressure. It is made up of natural ingredients with and Zero Synthetic.

Key Workings

1. It supports in improving brain function.

2. It allows memory concentration, clarity, confidence, focus and positive thinking.

3. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improves learning and cognition.

4. It works to support in enhancing brain vigor and mental ability.

5. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depressive tendencies.

6. It supports restful sleep and a sense of stability with English Speedwheel (Shankhapushpi).

7. It also eases menstrual cramps and pain with Anti-spasmodic.

8. This capsule is beneficial for the eyes and also has anti-epileptic properties.

9. It supports in improving viscoelasticity and hydration for more youthful skin.

10. It has calming properties that help relax and uplift mood.

11. It is helpful in conditions of concern, pressure, spasms, and hysteria.

12. It helps reduce restlessness, aggression, and hyperactivity.

13. It is also beneficial for the skin, hair, liver, and heart.

14. It helps to improve concentration, alertness, and other cognitive functions.

15. It strongly stimulates the neuro-muscular system.

How to consume

1. Take 1 or 2 capsules twice a day after meal.

2. You can take this capsule with water and milk.

3. You can consult a physician before taking the tablet.

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