It is possible to lose fat and have a flat stomach without too harsh a diet by planning three methods which will act in synergy.

1 Tone the transverse abs, the natural waist belt of the man

Above all, you have to build muscle in the transverse abs. The following diagrams of the abdomen in cross section or from the front allow to clearly visualize the muscles involved in the various exercises presented. We can see that the iliac and square psoas of the lower back are behind the viscera and in front of the spine. The cross , the oblique abdominals and rectus are in turn in front of the viscera; all these muscles are involved to varying degrees in 2 ventral sheathing exercises that are very effective for the abdominal strap: the plank and the stomach vacuum

The transverse is the deepest of the abdominals . By its tone, it provides most of the effort to maintain the viscera and avoids having a swollen belly due to internal pressure and the spreading of the right legs. It is the natural abdominal belt of man. Its tone must be maintained or strengthened to reduce the waist and thus lose the belly with some appropriate gymnastic exercises. The weight training of the transverses, the deep abs, is a priority to have and keep a flat stomach. They are sometimes wrongly neglected, in favor of the main rights when you want to have abs quickly and reshape your body while they are the basis of a firm and lasting maintenance of the abdomen.helps to have a flat stomach because this muscle sheath in depth all of the abdomen. It is particularly reinforced if the exercises are practiced by coupling the contraction with a long and slow exhalation and the relaxation with a complete inspiration.

Consult directly our 3 special flat stomach programs :

Flat stomach program

Beginner Abs Program

Program 15 exercises in cladding

The 3 exercises of the 1st flat stomach program meet the requirement to build muscle above all. They are simple and doable almost everywhere. They can quickly tone the abdominal strap. It will take between one and 4 weeks to observe the first results.

The 3 weight training exercises of the 1st program

It is also possible to follow the 2 ° abs beginner program downloadable for free or finally the 3 ° program of 15 sheathings to tone the abdominal belt and lose belly.

program on 3 levels of 15 different cladding

Sheathing exercises and toning the oblique abdominals complete the action of the transverse in this latter plane.

To further refine this muscular strengthening program and totally lose the lower abdomen , we can use the lower part of the rectus abs under the navel, also called abs, with the abdo exercise called inverted crunch .

exercise to lose the lower abdomen by toning the lower part of the abs

The inverted Crunch helps to lose the lower abdomen, under the navel, by strengthening the lower abdominals

In the lying position it is a question of slowly lifting the bent legs in dorsal winding by erasing the lumbar arch and blowing deeply in order to always keep the transverse contracted.

2 Practice a calorie burner and metabolism activator

You have to do a calorie burner sport. Sport is the most effective stimulator of basic metabolism, regardless of the physical exercise. Choosing at what intensity to force and how to build muscle by practicing your favorite activity is essential to burn a maximum of calories at any age but especially around 50 years when approaching menopause.

To lose belly, skipping rope is the ideal sport. In addition to an adequate diet, skipping allows you to slim down in 1 week because many calories are burned and the muscles are toned without gaining volume. From the age of 50 in women, it is even a health reflex in the face of hormonal disturbances in menopause. By having more muscle mass, the basal metabolism is higher because we consume more energy for muscle maintenance. We therefore burn more calories, even at rest! In addition, the action of jumping moves the tissues, which helps to lose cellulite .

With the jump rope you can count at least 7 sports to burn calories. In addition to burning fat all these sports also offer the advantage of causing internal mixing of the intestines which facilitates transit and therefore contributes, with foods rich in fiber and probiotics , to flatten a bloated stomach.

Playing sports helps you lose weight, in particular by de-stressing and reducing cortisol production at the same time, but that is not enough to lose your stomach. If you want to lose weight, you must not only exercise but also change your diet as it is explained in the following paragraph.

3 Eat less Fat and more Fiber, Probiotics, Ginger and Lemon

The most important thing is to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet respects the ideal proportion of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, but lacks the fast sugars and trans fatty acids found in ultra-processed industrial foods. It limits the excessive production of abdominal fat while regulating intestinal transit. Whatever the body distribution of fat, in men on the stomach, in women rather on the hips and thighs, the nutritional advice for losing weight is the same. When a muscle is working it does not slim down the neighboring region, whether for the belly, buttocks, hips or thighs. The consequence is that losing weight locally, for example only losing weight from the belly, is almost impossible.

By working our muscles we remove all of the adipose tissue and this in a very uneven way. In terms of food, the problem is the same. A low-calorie diet does not act locally, however we will see in the following paragraph that a flat stomach diet still exists. In addition, the 7 pages of practical advice below reveal simple eating habits that are effective and effective in losing fat all over the body, having or regaining a flat stomach and keeping the line while staying healthy:

Eat your fill to lose weight

Increase the number of meals

Dieting without trans fat

Avoid high protein diets

Drinking green tea against water retention

Consume the slow caffeine from guarana

Increase basal metabolism

The Flat Belly diet exists. It is rich in fiber and probiotics

Targeted fat elimination is certainly not possible but a bloated stomach or one that swells during the day due to a lazy intestinal transit can be easily flattened thanks to very precise dietary measures to digest well. Above all, you have to chew food slowly to give the brain time to feel full. You should also avoid carbonated drinks and consume foods rich in probiotics and fiber, soluble and insoluble. The consequence will be easier digestion and better general ease with the disappearance of constipation and a flat stomach.

High fiber foods are:

whole grains,

wheat bran,

the fruits and green vegetables such as kiwi, apple, pear and figs,

whole basmati rice whose glycemic index is only 45,

wholemeal bread,

and legumes.

The yeast , in turn, is rich in probiotics useful for the proper functioning of our intestinal flora. In small quantities we can also consume almonds (23 per day or a handful). Finally ginger and lemon facilitate the action of enzymes which intervene in the process of digestion; they also protect the belly from bloating. Fresh organic ginger root is preferable to candied ginger. A daily lemon juice drunk in the morning is more than enough to get good results on the quality of digestion.