Globalization and technology are essential features of the modern society, and these factors have gained a considerable momentum. In fact, any issue that is related to the structure of society and its development is controversial and it has positive and negative sides. In case of labor’s nature, it is clear, that globalization and technologies changed a nature of labor and occupations fundamentally.

For some people, globalization is an opportunity for a better life and it includes constant rise of living standards and reducing poverty. However, other people see these processes from another perspective, for example this situation leads exploitation of politically weak and less developed countries. Today, work force distributed through all over the world, and with the help of modern technologies, enterprises can operate worldwide.

However, technologies can be viewed as means of globalization which has given decent efforts for the cooperation of countries. In fact, globalization is not a new process, but with the development of modern technologies it came to a new level of progression. Considering latest innovations, advantageous measures appear increasingly for various spheres of human’s activities, as you may see here in the professional speech. The impact of globalization and technologies on the work system is doubtless and, taking into account different factors, the appearance of new occupations is a logical result. For example, the industrial revolution has improved standards of living for some people, and improved system of communication, transportation, and banking. The shift to more convenient functioning in different spheres, such as agriculture, has given its benefits. Before the industrial revolution, people have used various hand tools and it has taken a lot of time to accomplish different tasks and has been less profitable. On the other hand, sometimes it is has resulted to grim living conditions and employment for poor and working people. Nevertheless, the industrial revolution is considered as a breakthrough in the development of society.

Globalization and technology are responsible for appearance of new occupations. Thanks to the abilities of Internet, business of many companies has come to a new level. As a result of technological progress, new occupations such as a freelancer, IT manager, director of online marketing etc. have appeared in the work system of the world. Today, the whole business of a company can be placed in the world web and the work can be carried out simultaneously in all corners of the world.

Globalization gives perspectives for allocation of human recourses. In some cases, it is beneficial for those people, who cannot find a needed job in their locations. The future career can be much successful abroad, because some occupations can be high demanded in a certain country. However, some people see negative sides in this issue, and they believe that the abuse of the work force will appear. The cause of such circumstances is the economic inequality. Sooner or later people will be ready to work for the lower wage, only because they cannot find job in their own country. The citizens of the hosting country would consider foreign workers from less developed countries as inferiors. In fact, this is a drawback of globalization and it should be solved as soon as possible.

To sum up, globalization and technologies are key features in the development of mankind, and now, it is clear that there are some advantages and disadvantages of these processes. In fact, for the issue of globalization, it is doubtless, that primitive drawback such as discrimination and exploitation of foreign people would appear, because of the economic inequality. However today, due to globalization and technologies work force is distributed much faster, and its quality became much higher. Besides, technologies are responsible for new occupations appearance. There is no doubt, that globalization and technology have changed the nature of labor and occupations, and they will continue to grow and develop.