CBD Wave For Good Health

A new wave of healthcare supplements has taken over via CBD. The CBD market is becoming the purity standard of supplements! Many fail to understand the true benefits of CBD, it is surrounded by a lot of hype, is growing at an exponential rate and is also poorly regulated.

One of the latest reports from the Tower Healthcare Group states that the CBD market could be worth over $50 billion by 2024. However, its report also says that consumers are confused over the distinction between CBD derived from hemp, and CBD derived from cannabis. As a fledgling market, cannabidiol is also poorly understood by some, and not understood at all by others!

In result, there is still a significant amount of many CBD companies of shady reputation. This fact is one of the many reasons why we aim to provide easy to understand reviews of different CBD brands to see if they are worth your hard-earned cash and support in general. Today, we will report upon a Gem that we discovered in this review.

Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief: Drumroll Please!

The Hemp Nurse

Who is The Hemp Nurse?

This brand has been appearing all over the place with very good promise and reviews over the last year or so. It was founded in 2016 from what we can tell from a group of physicians and nurses. This group has worked a combined tenure spanning for over 40 years including expertise in clinical trials; this alone separates this company from other CBD sellers/companies.

The Hemp Nurse is very socially active on Instagram with thousands of legit “followers” and “likes” and has a Facebook page which the brand updates regularly. We always like to investigate the follower quality to ensure they are “real” and The Hemp Nurse does indeed have a “real” following. According to the page, the company’s HQ is in Tennessee. All of the brand’s CBD is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC-Free, which includes gummies/edibles.

The brand’s credibility is solid thus far, The Hemp Nurse also posts information about CBD on its website’s blog.

Time for the Review of The Hemp Nurse CBD Tincture Oil The Hemp Nurse has a balanced product line and covers the topical, oral and edible points of CBD entry. However, the brand’s product remains limited in 2 flavors for CBD Tinctures the CBD in Natural and Peppermint flavors.

Their product line consisted of tinctures from 750mg to the powerful 1500mg per bottle. Keeping that variability in mind the price points of these tinctures range anywhere from $59.99 – $89.99, which is extremely reasonable in a CBD per dollar sense. There is an option for free shipping after you have reached a $99 spending price threshold.

This company is unique as it offers products such as CBD Body Creams, Tinctures, Pain Patches and Edibles. This allows them to offer several options to “bundle” pre-recommended packages for your specific healthcare need. In addition, most of the items listed for sale are THC-Free, which is basically a fancy term to say you won’t get high but you will feel great.

The Hemp Nurse Products are extracted using CO2 extraction to remove the CBD from the hemp, which is grown organically in the United States, and MCT oil is used as the ‘carrier.’

According to The Hemp Nurse, its oil tincture helps:

Protect your body Boost immune function Optimize brain health Reduce inflammation Improve your quality of sleep Reduce anxiety

If you scroll to the top of the page under FAQ, you can request a sample The Hemp Nurse CBD data that has proudly displayed Certificates of Analysis from ProVerde Laboratories.

Those who have used this oil say it takes a while to work (up to two hours), but when it begins to take effect, it helps clear the mind. In high enough doses, you may feel pain relief.

The Hemp Nurse CBD According to The Hemp Nurse, this product utilizes ‘breakthrough’ technology that enables CBD to get into your cells more efficiently than ever before. As a result, you benefit from a much higher ‘bioavailability’ rate. In other words, you need less CBD to provide the same effect as a larger dose of CBD from a different source.

With additional cannabinoids and terpenes, this The Hemp Nurse CBD may help you treat an array of symptoms via the entourage effect. Since our body is made primarily from water, having CBD oil that dissolves in water is ideal in theory. The Hemp Nurse CBD also tastes pretty good as it offers gummies with a fruity flavor from real fruits, and there is additional Stevia herbal extract added to provide a sweeter taste.

The Hemp Nurse has also launched a Tranquility Line that includes tinctures and infused body cream products. The Tranquility Cooling CBD Body Cream contains three ounces of cream with 1000mg of CBD in total for $49. The Tranquility Cooling Body Cream has a total of 16 ingredients. To use, rub it on the affected area and allow the power of CBD to do the rest. The body cream is primarily designed to soothe aching muscles and joints.

Where Can I Purchase CBD The Hemp Nurse Products? Buy The Hemp Nurse www.thehempnurse.com

Go to the official TheHempNurse.com website and look at the Products tab to see everything it sells. In terms of shipping, Thehempnurse.com uses USPS & Fedex for all its orders, and American customers can expect to receive their order in 1-3 working days. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, or a territory located outside the contiguous United States, such as Puerto Rico or Guam, your order may take seven business days to ship.

You receive FREE shipping CBD on all orders over $99; otherwise, you’re charged a flat fee. At present. It is refreshing to see that Thehempnurse.com will support you if you receive a damaged product, you need to make your claim within 72 hours by writing to [email protected]m.

The products are sourced from high-quality hemp grown in the United States, the CBD is extracted using the ‘gold standard’ CO2 extraction method, and the brand aims to educate users rather than just selling them the products and being done with it.

With full third-party lab testing, Thehempnurse.com is a reputable enterprise with thousands of loyal followers. Its CBD tincture is a little on the expensive side, but it is money well spent if you believe it works!

-Chelsea McDonald