Despite being a Google product, Google Assistant may stop functioning. But with little awareness, you can let your Google Assistant serve you once again. But before, explore the world of Google Assistant.

Get insight into Google Assistant

As the technology is continued to grow, Google Assistant the fresh instance of it which has grabbed the attention of the whole world in a very short time. People across the world are quite fascinated by the Google Assistant. Just like Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa, the Android users have in-built Google Assistant. It is a wonderful way to interact with your Smartphone to answer your queries and perform multiple tasks without even lifting your finger. Whether it is about playing the song, watching videos, or obtaining any piece of information, Google Assistant is right here for you. Even, Google Assistant can be connected with your car and watch or can control your Smartphone. You can know more about google assistant through G Co Recover.

Here is the list of innovative features of the Google Assistant;

• Enables you to check traffic updates and help you to find your way

• Assist in making your shopping list with your voice

• Control your mobile phone

• Check emails and appointments

• Let you listen to all the latest news headlines

• Convert money and measurement feature

• Queue up your favorite Netflix shows

• Entertain you

These are some lesser-known features of the Assistant. If you haven’t yet experienced these features, use them now. When it comes to the flip side of Assistant, technical problems rattle the users but the users should not need to get worried anymore.

Google Assistant may stop working due to plenty of possible causes. The good news is, most of the causes are minor which can be resolved with little efforts.

Here is the step by step guide to follow in the event Google Assistant is not working;

• Reboot your Smartphone

• Check internet connection

• Ensure Google Assistant is enabled and it supports the device you carry

• Retrain Assistant with your voice

• Update the Google app. Read More