If you love great but hate the outdated black and white look, you may want to consider grey curtains in your home. It’s the perfect way to bring that color back while keeping with current decorating styles. The fact that grey is one of the most popular colors for curtains gives you a lot of options when it comes to styling your home. If you have white or light colors in your room already, you might be stuck with a dark grey crape for the front door and other prominent places. By sprucing up those spaces with grey, you can change the look and feel of your home entirely without having to change the color of the furniture or paint the walls grey.

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Grey is a sophisticated shade that works well with just about every color you can find. Although it is sometimes associated with Black and White, you can use greys in conjunction with every color including pink, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, white, and more. Even if you prefer more neutral colors, grey curtains can work as a great vintage-inspired option for decorating your windows and rooms. You can pair Greys with other vibrant colors such as burgundy and chocolate brown, or with the classic pale lilac.

Grey is also a neutral hue that works well with all styles of decorating. You don’t have to choose your furniture and paint based on what will pair best with your decor; grey curtains add a soft elegance to your room that is complementary to most decorating styles. Choosing shades that complement your furniture and theme will make it easier for you to create an overall interior design scheme that is stylish and fun.

Grey is one of the few colors that will never go out of style. You can still find some beautiful neutral curtains in grey, along with modern prints, elegant fabrics, and more. Choose Greys that are solid white, green, blue, light blue, grey, ivory, or even beige. These vibrant tones will make your walls pop with color and stand out from your walls and floors. You can find solid curtains in solid black, brown, or pale cream, which will create a dramatic space.

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Grey curtains help make a small area appear larger than it actually is. When used in a smaller room, they create an illusion of a much larger area that is usually empty. You can use several of these to fill in the most crowded corners of your home, or against the walls of your family room or dining room. Grey is also a great wall color for bedrooms because it is a soft color that is not overwhelming. You can use great for bedrooms to dress up plain walls, or for a nursery to add a soft decorative touch. Because it is such a versatile and elegant neutral color, Grey is a fantastic choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

Grey is also a terrific choice for bathrooms, especially when you have a bold design element in the form of a tub or vanity. Grey curtains are very stylish, and they do not clash with other decors or colors in the bathroom. If you want to create a bathroom that is bolder than most, then you can add some bold colors, but in this case, the grey walls will balance it out beautifully.

Grey is also very stylish when you use it as the base for other more subtle colors. For example, if you have a monochromatic palette, such as blues, purples, and blacks, then adding some grey walls behind your furniture can really pull it all together. Grey is a neutral color that is great for combining with other strong colors, so you can add even more drama to the room. Using greys in a neutral room will also create an aesthetic that is very elegant, classy, yet very modern. Grey is a great accent color to use in bedrooms or living rooms for this very reason.


Finally, grey walls are especially gorgeous in rooms where a lot of sunlight comes into the room, such as a sun-room. You can make a beautiful impact by hanging curtains that are solid and close-to-the-floor. These curtains will allow plenty of light to come into the room, but they will also give a sense of depth as well. Grey is definitely a unique yet sophisticated option for any home, office, or bedroom. curtainblinds.ae provide all kinds of curtains and blinds in the UAE.