Periodontal disease affects tissues such as alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, cementum, and gingiva. It is also called gum disease, which is the inflammation of the gums in the teeth. It is the tissue that is surrounding and holding the teeth. It affects bone severely and is the major reason for tooth loss. It is more prevalent among these days due to dental hygiene. Many of them don’t know how to keep the teeth hygienic, leading to severe problems.

People often don’t know the disease’s symptoms, and it is painless during its initial stages. The good thing is that the diseases can even be turned around or reversed in its early stages. It occurs in the teeth in stages such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Advance periodontitis also occurs when gum disease gets severe.


The disease is caused by bacteria which is causing the decay in the teeth. It begins when people intake food with carbohydrates full of sugary substances. Bacteria present in the mouth produce plaque. If people didn’t remove the teeth’ plaque thorough brushing and cleaning, it causes problems to the teeth and the tissues surrounding the teeth. It also affects the gum.

Gingivitis is a mild stage where gum diseases can be recovered. If the plaque present in the teeth is not cleaned, then it leads to gingivitis. Suppose the plaque is removed through daily teeth. Periodontitis is a severe stage of gum disease where it affects the tissues and bones surrounding the teeth. If periodontitis is untreated, it leads to loss of bone, gum, and tissue in the teeth. The immune system of our body also gets affected.


• The presence of plaque and tartar in the teeth has to be prevented by regular brushing and flossing.

• Smoking can be avoided to prevent diseases in the teeth.

• Regular check-ups to the dentist and following their instructions are also a way to prevent the diseases.


The various stages of the disease can be treated in many ways. Initial stages of gum disease cannot require any surgical treatment. It can be treated using proper brushing and flossing. Severe or critical stages of gum disease (periodontitis) require surgical treatments. People with gum diseases have to be treated by Periodontists. After examining the patients, they start the treatment, such as scaling and root planning.

Surgery also requires some patients, so they go for gum graft surgery, which is more popular. As a result, it reduces tooth sensitivity and bone loss. Nowadays, laser treatments also available. Depending on the different wavelengths of laser light, the diseases can be treated. Collagen-based products are also available to cure periodontal infections. Periodontal Plus AB is a product available in powder content used to cure the gum diseases faster and without any side effects.

The diseases also get affected by diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and some infections. People with tobacco habits get affected by gum disease because it contains the substance, which makes the healing process slower. If you do not want to lose the teeth to gum disease, brush and clean the teeth, maintain a proper diet, avoid smoking, and periodical check-up for a healthy life.

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