Why are we more attracted to blonde? Surely everyone will have an answer. Of course, if you bet on hair bleaching, we summarize what you should know to care for your hair. So that in addition to white, you look healthy!

Remember that hair bleaching is not the same as a dye. To achieve that suggestive whitish tone, the hair is subjected to a fairly aggressive chemical process, using hydrogen peroxide to remove the natural pigment, which weakens and dries the cuticle. So, if you are determined to try this technique, you will have to provide special care to your hair to compensate for the effects of this “attack”.

Reduces the frequency of washing after hair bleaching

We are not telling you to be less demanding with the level of cleanliness, much less to get used to wearing dirty hair. In general, we have a tendency to wash our hair more than what experts recommend. That habit of washing it daily makes it lose its natural oils, even using neutral products.

Take extreme precautions in the case of bleached hair. In addition to wholesale distributors beauty products, you will make it last longer. You can use dry shampoos for specific situations. Always choose special products for colored hair.

An extra plus of hydration

This is the great key so that hair bleaching does not end up destroying yours. It is best to apply a mask once or twice a week. Those enriched with vitamin B5 and proteins work very well. But, it depends a lot on each hair, you should avoid those that produce a greasy effect on yours.

For example, argan oil, which has such good nourishing and moisturizing effects for your skin, is just as effective in its version for hair. Others recommend coconut oil. And, in this line, our olive oil is irreplaceable as a component of cosmetic formulas. You can also use it in a very simple homemade trick: apply it every 15 days from the middle of your hair to the ends, leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Less dryer and much less iron

If you do not have state-of-the-art hair care devices that are already designed to damage your hair as little as possible, you will have to get used to the fact that, after bleaching your hair, straightening irons, dryers or tweezers you will have to keep them in a drawer and only use them very occasionally. Always be careful to choose a lower temperature, the less heat, the less you will dry out your hair.

Sun protection all year round

You already know how the skin suffers from the sun and how recommendable it is to use creams with sun protection factors not only in summer. That same precaution should be taken with your head after a hair bleaching. And, it also protects against chlorine in swimming pools if you don’t want your hair to take on an unpleasant greenish tone.