In weather like this, you need to stay hydrated. The continuous rise in temperature can take a toll on your overall health. Hence, if you drink juices on a daily basis, it has the power to give your immune system a boost and create a shield that will protect you from any disease and ailments because of phytonutrients, including antioxidants in the syrup.

Moreover, if you are living abroad and looking out for options like summer drinks, then you will be glad to know that India’s most popular food and beverage chain Haldiram’s products are available in the states as well. They have such a diverse line of  healthy drinks, giving you so many options to choose from. Some of them are as follows-

1) Rose syrup – This syrup is so versatile in nature, and you can use it as the base for so many other drinks. This tasty syrup not only adds a lovely aroma; at the same time, it adds a subtle floral flavor as well. It is made with the help of either rose petals or rose hips. This drink will make you feel rejuvenated and healthy at the same time. It goes without saying, this juice is very sturdy so you can have it anytime you like.

2) Khus syrup – You might think with a name like this, it might not taste nice, but you will be surprised as this syrup contains so many flavors. It is prepared using water, khus essence, sugar, and citric acid syrup. The green color that you see is derived from the khus essence, which is a thick syrup made from the roots of khus grass (also called vetiver grass). Moreover, it also uses another ingredient called Vetiver. It is an age-old cooling remedy that can help you to battle heat stroke to a significant extent. So what you can do is carry this drink with on your way to work or school, and drink it in between breaks.

3) Pineapple crush – In weather like this, where it is so humid, pineapple can act as a savior. Pineapple crush is a concentrate made from pineapples. To begin with, it is a drink that is a mixture of pineapple, sugar, and cooked to the desirable consistency, cooled and then VOILA.

4) Mango Panna – Mango Panna, a household favorite! It is an Indian drink which is famous for its heat-resistant properties. It is made using raw mangoes that is yellow to very light green in color, and is consumed as a tasty and healthy beverage to fight against intense summers. So keep it with you at all times.

So the above mentioned were some of the drinks that Haldirams offer. If you want to feel fresh and healthy, you can rely on them.