Handicraft items from India are hand made by highly skilled artisans of the country. If you are visiting India, this holiday, make sure to pick up a few of the listed items below. India is a land of various topography, cuisine, local art, culture, languages and handmade products. The neat and intricate work on every piece will leave you dazzled and glued to the item for a while. Bamboo, paper, rock, marble, clay, porcelain, jute, metal, shell, cotton, silk, and the list goes on when it comes to the materials used in making handicrafts items.

Pashmina Shawls

Native to the beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir, Pashmina is an excellent quality of wool. The shawls, specially handcrafted from a delicate kind of cashmere wool. The entire work is hand processed in the valleys of Kashmir of Northern India. Skilled and passionate craftsmen and women craft the whole shawl with their delicate hand, from combing and spinning the wool to the weaving and finishing of the shawl.


If you are fond of wood, then the wooden Handicrafts of India will not disappoint you. Punjab, Kashmir, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Goa, Madurai, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala are all famous for their wooden craftsmanship native to their regions. For instance, Kashmir is well known for the wooden artifacts from the walnut trees, and if you have your interests piqued in antique furniture pieces, Punjab has it all. The woodcarvings found in Goa is a confluence between the Portuguese and the Indian culture, whereas Chhattisgarh is famous for wooden toys handcrafted and are always in pairs.


One of the most sensual forms of art is pottery. North India is home to various types of pottery ranging from colours like light red, orange and brown in Uttar Pradesh to the dark red and black variety of Himachal Pradesh. Painted pottery reigns in Bikaner of Rajasthan and Blue Pottery from Jaipur.

Saris, Silk and Zardosi

Sari is common in India. A fabric ranging between 4.5 to 8 meters is draped around by women in various materials, including cotton and silk. If you are in search of raw silk fabric in USA, ensure that it is from India for the best quality. Baluchari from West Bengal and Monga and Assam Silk from Assam are the delicate kinds. Zardosi work with silver and gold threads hails from Uttar Pradesh.


Jute handiwork does not need any introduction as it already has a name for itself throughout the world. Bags, office stationery, jutis, wall hangings and many more items are found today made from jute. West Bengal, Bihar and Assam are the leaders of the jute industry.


Various kinds of decorative items like forks, bangles, decorative bowls, curtains, chandeliers, lockets, table mats, mirror frames are some of the many that shell artisans make with shells. Places near the seashores are where one can find these handiwork in abundance.


Brass is known to humankind for its durability; brass handiwork is mainly from the state of Rajasthan. Various items like statues of Lord Ganesha, exquisite looking wine glasses, perforated lampshades, and many other things are found in brass which adds aesthetic beauty to the house when kept in for décor purposes.


West Bengal, Assam, Tripura rule the Bamboo Handicrafts industry. You can find everything made out of bamboo, from baskets to dolls, and jewellery boxes to toys and furniture. Find a variety of original and quirky handmade items in bamboo.


The Phulkari Embroidery from Punjab is colourful and a favourite amongst many who love delicate and intricate handiwork. Modern designers are so inspired by the Phulkari work that they incorporate the style in their various garments like jackets, kidswear, and other items like cushion covers, slippers and jutis.

Carpet Weaving

Uttar Pradesh in North India has the most significant production of hand-woven carpets in the country. The rugs have exquisite designs and extremely durable. Various materials like silk, cotton, jute, wool amongst others go into the making of the carpets.