AT&T HARMAN Spark is a plug-in device that converts a regular car into a connected car. The device can be controlled by a mobile application that gives easy access to services like emergency crash assistance, vehicle diagnostics, location information, roadside assistance manager and more. It can also turn the car into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot. Following are the features that one can leverage with the HARMAN Spark Device.

  • Emergency Crash Assistance: In case of any crash, the Emergency Crash Assistance feature automatically sends an alert to the driver’s phone. If the driver is unable to respond, the emergency contacts will be notified automatically. This safeguards the driver from any accidents and risks prevailing around the car.
  • In-Car Wi-Fi: The passengers can connect up to 8 devices. The connection helps them stream, browse, share content while travelling.
  • Virtual Mechanic: Keep your car in great shape. The virtual mechanic monitors your vehicle’s health and lets you know what to do if there’s a problem.
  • WATCHIT: Parking is not an issue of concern. The car fleet owner is guaranteed peace of mind knowing WatchIt. It helps in keeping a close eye on the fleet of the car. The connected car owner can receive an alert if the car is bumped, moved, or towed. With the help of a location tracker, the owner can even help authorities find it if it’s stolen.

Roadside Assistance Manager

HARMAN Spark Device turns the car into a smart connected car that enables the driver to get roadside assistance at the drop of a pin. The driver can receive quotes from nearby roadside assistance providers. The fleet owner of the driver can select and pay for it using the app, and can get easy access to mechanical help.

  • Record Trips: It keeps a record of all the details of the trips of every car in the fleet. It includes mileage of the car, duration of the trip, starting and ending time. The system also records information about driving habits, speed insights, hard braking, rapid acceleration, etc. The driver can organise this data and save these insights by labels or tags that categorise a type.
  • Geofencing: The car owner can draw boundaries on the area map, and assign permissible radius wherein the driver can take the vehicle. The owner can view the vehicle’s location, and get a notification when any car from the owned fleet of cars enters or exits the geofenced area.

Service Records

HARMAN Spark connects the car to cloud storage that makes it conveniently store service record at one place. The vehicle owner can set vehicle service alerts that recall at periodic intervals.

  • Driving Score: The driver, on the end of every trip, receives a driving score based on their driving habits. The connected car system sends helpful tips to improve driving based on the terrain in which the driver was driving and become a safer and smarter driver.
  • Family Share: The driver and passenger in the vehicle can share trip information and location information with their family members to keep everyone informed.
  • Parking Reservations: The driver need not keep searching for a parking spot rather, they can save time by virtually searching for a parking spot for their car. The driver can easily book the parking space and pay for the parking using the app.