A Heavy Rigid Truck Licence is your maximum type of truck permit you can acquire from holding a vehicle license. You have to maintain a vehicle or higher driver’s license course for at least 24 months to qualify for an HR license (12 weeks for MR (Medium Rigid).

Want to get an HR heavy rigid truck drivers to permit to follow a career in trucking, logistics, mining or construction? An HR ticket is a highly recognized qualification which could allow you to get a foothold in a variety of businesses or further your career in case you are working in the industry of your choice.

As a Government approved training firm, the Driving School provides nationally recognized truck driving classes for many heavy vehicle license courses and truck licences such as HR driving license classes, using an HR permit at a day alternative available.

Unlike other heavy truck and vehicle driving schools, our HR truck courses focus on all elements of forcing a heavy rigid truck instead of just the ins-and-outs of a specific gearbox type.

Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence lets you drive.

• Any rigid vehicle with three or more axles and a GVM of more than 8 tonnes.

• Any towed trailer shouldn’t weigh over 9 tonnes GVM.

• Additionally includes articulated vehicles and buses at Class MR.

Three types of HR Licences:

1. Condition A (HRA): Automatic gearboxes only.

2. Condition B (HRB): Syncromesh (single clutch like a manual car) and automatic gearboxes only.

3. Non-Restricted: Non-Syncromesh (Double Clutch per gear change – Road Ranger/Crash Box)

Equipped using the ‘Competency certification’ once you complete training with teachers, you may quickly proceed with obtaining the HR truck Licence from providing highway truck driving school in Sydney.

Heavy rigid vehicle and also the HR truck Licence is among the most excellent driving licences in Sydney.

Highway truck driving school has specialized instructors to train all those who would like to obtain an HR Licence in Sydney. Knowing the intricacies of managing a heavy rigid vehicle, we’re one of the sorts after HR truck driving school in Sydney.

How to get an HR Licence:

• Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (you can do so before or following your practical on-road support with Highway truck driving school).

• Complete an application form.

• Show proof of your identity (that might be your driver’s license).

• Produce the Certificate of Competency (Issued by Highway truck driving school) to demonstrate that you have passed the driving test or the training program.

• Pay for a new licence fee.

After these processes are finished, and you also pay the fee to get your new HR Licence, you’re all set to push off your HR vehicle on the Sydney roads. Our instructors at Highway truck driving school are incredibly competent in providing you with thorough training and instruction in forcing an HR vehicle.