Previously, wigs were associated with movie stars and elite, but luckily, today, they have become a fashion trend to follow. Nowadays, you can find a variety of wigs available in the market ranging from the human hair wigs and the synthetic ones to virgin hair lace premium wigs and full lace ones.

Hair wigs are one of the most amazing and easiest ways to enhance your overall look, change things up and give your everyday look a quick transformation. But, bear in mind that you need to wear a wig appropriately if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. That being said, if you are a newbie who is just starting out to wear a wig, it can be quite easy to go the wrong way. While you can think of what style you want to opt for, we can make the process much easier by giving you certain suggestions on what you should not do when wearing your first wig.

If you are intending to have your own Virgin hair lace premium wigs collection then it’s equally important that you wear them right. And for this, simply avoid the below-given wig-wearing mistakes and wear it like a pro. 

Mistake 1.Wearing a wig as soon as it arrives:

We know it can be really exciting for you to wear a wig for the first time, but wearing it straight out of the box isn’t a good thing for your natural hair. This is because wigs tend to be out of shape and tangled due to its packaging and it may look quite weird if you wear the wig without untangling and combing them. So, make sure you brush the wig and your hair so it can settle appropriately and take the right shape.

Mistake 2.Applying the wig adhesive without testing it first:

Just like with any other cosmetic product for which you do a patch test before applying on the face, for a wig also, it’s important that you test the adhesive first. Glues or adhesives that come with wigs are chemicals that maybe not suitable for all skin types. So, before just applying it all over, apply a drop of adhesive on your forearm and see whether it shows a sign of any reaction or side effect. Notice the area after a few hours of the patch test. If there’s no reaction, the glue may be suitable to you, however, if you notice even the slightest reaction, don’t use it.

Mistake 3.Improperly brushing and washing your wig:

A good amount of care and maintenance should be taken when brushing the wig, and also it should be done from tip to root. Remember never to comb or brush on wet hair as it can damage the texture of the wig. Besides, when styling, especially when using heating tools, make sure you take extra attention around the knots, and ensure you don’t pull on them or overheat them. Always use a wide-tooth comb to comb the wig and do not wash it with extremely cold or hot water.

Just make sure you avoid the aforementioned mistakes, and you are good to go with your wig.