Roku players should consider Roku, an identifier made by the American company Roku, Inc., a series of internet media players that connect to a wire via a the internet as a Wi-Fi router. Data can be transferred via a cable or DVI, video cable or directly connected to hardware models. There is a wide range of programs and global service providers available for devices. These are the highly searched shows on Roku platform in USA.

To activate these programs we need an separate channels for that You have to contact the Roku experts @ +1-844-710-6060 or Visit their website Roku activation code

1. Peppa Pig

  • This show’s presence in this list is a constant surprise to everyone out there
  • Peppa Pig is favored by millions of kids and that has certainly been a significant factor
  • The show is currently on a rampant run and the seventh season had just started
  • The program is unlikely to be stopped owing to its popularity in the US

2. Game of thrones

  • Game of Thrones is known as the G.O.A.T series
  • Stream this series on Now TV and enjoy your leisure time
  • With lots of bloodshed and fantasy, this show is highly rated by the youth

3. Downtown Abbey

  • This is regarded as the one of the best period dramas and it has been getting a sensational report worldwide
  • With many historic moments in its plot, this is a mind-blowing series to watch

4. The Handmaid’s tale

  • The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the scariest shows on the planet
  • The show’s plot focuses on the poor treatment of women in a society dominated by chauvinistic men

5. Peaky Blinders

  • Watch Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby and his gang fighting against the odds they face

6. PAW Patrol

  • Here we have cute dogs led by a boy named Ryder playing as patrol force against the bad guys
  • This show is literally intriguing and a suitable choice for toddlers who love action

If you have any queries while watching these shows, then you can report them to the Roku technical support team to fix them immediately. 

For further doubts on how to activate the Roku device, surf to and the device will get into the operational mode.